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GSOARS for Students

Graduate Student Online Academic Reporting System (GSOARS) for Students

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What can you do in GSOARS?

  • Track your academic progress and achievements and professional development.
  • Customize your CV using information entered in GSOARS.
  • Access your academic information from the Student Information System: plan of work, milestones to degree, history of courses taken, list of advisers—all on one Web page!
  • Submit progress reports to your advisers and receive responses to your report from them.
  • Keep your advisers informed of progress toward your degree and your development as a professional in the field.

How to use GSOARS

  • Enter GSOARS and log in with your Unity ID and password. Select “I am a Student” and click “log in.”
  • To access academic information on milestones to degree, plan of work (if you have filled one out), history of courses taken, and list of advisers (if you have officially designated them), click “Academic and Contact Information” button on the left.
  • To enter the Student Information System to create a plan of work, select “Access Plan of Work in SIS” button.
  • To submit a progress report, press “Progress Reports” button.
  • To enter information about academic achievements and professional development, choose the appropriate category button on the left.
  • To create a customizable a CV, click on the “CV & Overview” tab and select “Create CV.”
  • To create an overview of all academic and professional development information, click on the “CV & Overview” tab and select “Overview.”
GSOARS for students screenshot