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Graduate Minor Programs

Any approved graduate degree program can offer a graduate minor. Since the Graduate School does not require students to declare a minor, the specific graduate program establishes guidelines for the minor. Minimum hours are usually 9 hours for Master’s students and 12 hours for doctoral students. The graduate program also selects required courses for the minor.

New graduate minor programs in areas that do not have a graduate major must be reviewed and recommended to the Administrative Board of the Graduate School prior to approval by the Dean of the Graduate School. A written proposal to establish the minor program has no standard format, but should include the following:

  • statement of justification/need for the minor;
  • clientele served by the minor;
  • requirements for admission;
  • procedures for administration of the minor;
  • requirements for faculty membership in the minor program;
  • list of initial faculty to represent minor;
  • procedure for adding new faculty to the minor program;
  • requirements for the minor including courses, number of credit hours required, etc.; and
  • any minimum grade requirements for the minor courses.

The proposal should be signed by the Chairs of the Graduate Studies Committees of all colleges involved or who have faculty from their colleges listed in the proposal. Signatures are also required from the Dean (or Associate Dean) for Graduate Studies of your own college.

Upon recommendation by the Administrative Board, the Dean of the Graduate School will also sign the proposal. Proposals for graduate minors do not require approval of the UNC System Office.

Use this On-Campus Routing Form for this type of action.