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Procedures for Changing Non-Thesis Graduate Degree Requirements to Option B

Non-thesis Master’s degree programs may, with the approval of the College Graduate Studies Committees, petition the Graduate School for permission to operate the program with a single advisor for each student and to eliminate the final oral examination. These programs will be designated as Option B programs. The advisor will be appointed by the Graduate Dean, upon the recommendation of the Director of Graduate Programs.

Non-thesis Master’s degree programs approved as Option B will not carry an officially designated minor.

The petition is made by completing the Proposal for Changing Non-Thesis Graduate Degree Program Requirements to Option B document.  Section A requests information summarizing the current non-thesis program. Section B requests information regarding the proposed non-thesis Option B program.

Petitions must be made for an entire degree program, not for individual students. The Administrative Board of the Graduate School will review each petition and make appropriate recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School.

In programs operating as Option B, a list of candidates anticipating completion of degree requirements for a given graduation must be submitted by the program to the Graduate School by the deadline set for final oral examinations to allow sufficient time for the Graduate School Staff to review records and approve them for graduation.