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November DGP/GSC Update

Graduate Assistantships – NextGen

  • NextGen Appointments for January 1 can be entered or modified starting Monday, November 6th.
  • Make sure that all modifications and early separations are appointments ending on December 31 are APPROVED by the auto term date of December 13th.
  • To avoid having to rush rehire actions after the fall appointment auto terms on December 13th, you can enter a modification of the current appointment to extend the end date. You can also modify other job details while extending the end date. If the salary distribution is also changing, this should be entered in Distribution Setup after the action is approved (distribution changes can not be made through modify).


All new Spring fellowships requests and modifications should be received by the Graduate School no later than January 16th.

Graduate Student Support Plan

GSSP Indicators for Tuition Sponsorship

Those students who received a Fall 2017 tuition award and are within eligible semesters for Spring 2018 will automatically have a GSSP tuition “do not cancel [enrollment]” service indicator for Spring 2018 added to their student accounts. If you have a group of new graduate students that need GSSP tuition indicators for Spring 2018, to prevent possible enrollment cancellation by the Cashier’s Office, please send Annie Erwin ( a list of those student IDs in an Excel spreadsheet (template linked) by November 15th and they will be uploaded to the system on the department’s behalf. This will prevent departments from having to add them one-by-one in cases where there are many. But, if departments would like to add them manually, they are welcome to do so (see Manage Service Indicator Instructions).

GSSP Indicator Upload Request Form

  •  Please remember that only graduate students that will be eligible for GSSP tuition support (within allowed semesters) should receive a GSSP tuition indicator.
  • If the student will be beyond their allowed semesters for GSSP tuition support and the advisor/department still plan to sponsor them (payment through a department initiated GA-1), the “DEPT” – department sponsorship (non-GSSP) indicator is appropriate.

Slides and Agendas

Annual Graduate HR Representative Meeting

Thursday, June 6, 2017 in the IEI building at Hunt Library, room 4106.

Agenda: 2017 Agenda – Grad Personnel Rep Meeting

Slides: 2017 MASTER Presentation

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