August 1 - DGP/GSC Email Update

Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP)

Receiving GSSP Sponsorship/Benefits

Please remember that no GSSP sponsorship/benefits will apply to a student’s billing account until all GSSP eligibility requirements are actively met in SIS and HR. Please see the handout below for a one-page GSSP eligibility summary (checklist).

GSSP Eligibility Summary (Checklist)

If a GSSP benefit (tuition or health insurance) has not applied to a student’s billing account, it is likely that one or more of the GSSP eligibility requirements are not met in the system (qualifying assistantships have to be approved through the “final approval” level).

When all eligibility requirements are met in HR and SIS, applicable GSSP benefits should apply to the student’s billing account within 24-48 hrs. If you (DGP or GSC) find that applicable GSSP benefits have not applied to the student’s billing account and (1) all GSSP eligibility requirements are actively met in HR (assistantships approved through the Final Approval level) and SIS (full-time enrollment), AND (2) it’s been more than 24-48 hrs since all requirements were actively met, please contact the GSSP Office ( for further assistance. Please do not instruct the student to contact (phone or email) the Graduate School directly.

For more information regarding the GSSP, please see the websites below.

GSSP for

GSSP for


NCSU RA-TA Health Insurance Plan (GSSP) — August

We began sending preliminary membership eligibility lists to Student Blue last week for the August/Fall coverage period. In order to qualify for coverage on the RA-TA Health Insurance Plan for August, the student must meet GSSP eligibility requirements for Fall semester — the RA-TA Health Insurance Plan is a student based health insurance plan (meeting the requirements of the GSSP) and not an employment based plan.

If a student has questions about RA-TA Health Insurance Plan benefits or dependent coverage, please direct them to the RA-TA Plan website or the Student Blue customer service line at 1-800-579-8022.

Students identified as August/Fall members of the RA-TA Plan should receive their health insurance cards to the mailing address on file with the University. To determine which students have already been identified for August/Fall and reported to Student Blue, please use the RA-TA Monthly Health Insurance query in SIS Query — Reporting (instructions found below).


As a reminder, students that are enrolled in the RA-TA Plan for Fall will be automatically waived from coverage on the Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (the other student health insurance plan on campus, managed through the Student Health Center).

Please be aware that August terminations (effective 8/1/2017) from the RA-TA Health Insurance Plan will be sent to Student Blue this week. All those students that were eligible/members over the summer that will no longer be eligible in Fall will receive termination notices in the mail from Student Blue (BCBSNC). If the student is ineligible for the RA-TA Plan (GSSP), but continuing their enrollment for Fall, they may be eligible for the Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (managed through the Student Health Center). Students that are ineligible for the Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan will need to seek health insurance coverage outside of the University. For more information, see RA-TA Plan Separation.

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Annual Graduate HR Representative Meeting

Thursday, June 6, 2017 in the IEI building at Hunt Library, room 4106.

Agenda: 2017 Agenda – Grad Personnel Rep Meeting

Slides: 2017 MASTER Presentation

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