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March and April DGP/GSC Update

Summer Graduate Teaching – NEW 2018 HIRING PROCESS

Starting 2018, summer graduate teaching hires should be made through NextGen using the A198 job code (account code 51311 allowed over the summer only). The flat rate position, SSW911, will NOT be allowed starting this summer forward. Please read the HRIM summer instructions for details and contact Siarra Jones,, if you have any questions.

  • NextGen will open up for May 16th effective actions on March 19th.
  • May 15th auto-term job will run on April 25th.

Graduate Student Support Plan – RA-TA Health Insurance

Beginning Summer 2018, all students participating in the RA-TA Health Insurance Plan for the Spring semester will retain their RA-TA Health Insurance coverage through 7/31, regardless of GSSP eligible graduate appointment type or appointment end date. If a participating student does not need coverage for the summer period because they have an alternate form of coverage, the student can request early termination for the coverage period by completing the RA-TA Decline Form found on the GSSP for Students website (

January DGP/GSC Update

Graduate Student Support Plan

The GSSP tuition awards system began running in November for Spring 2018. As soon as a student actively meets all GSSP eligibility requirements, applicable tuition benefits will apply to the student’s billing account.

** Full-time Enrollment is a GSSP eligibility requirement. As mentioned above, please make sure that students are enrolled properly as soon as possible and before Census Day (also a GSSP eligibility requirement). If a student is below full-time, they are ineligible for GSSP and will not receive GSSP benefits. The query below is useful for managing enrollment and course load determination.

The SIS Reporting query below returns enrollment information by selected semester/term and academic program. Unlike SIS Admin Reports, the query displays the current Academic Course Load Determination (e.g., Full-Time, Half-Time, Less than Half-Time) and how many credit hours constitutes full-time enrollment for the selected term. Other useful fields include, “Previous Master’s” and “GSSP Track.”

      Query System:    SIS Query Viewer (or Manager) – Reporting

      Query Name:    GSSP_BY_PROG_TRM

GSSP information for students can be found at For further questions, please contact us at

Slides and Agendas

Annual Graduate HR Representative Meeting

Thursday, June 6, 2017 in the IEI building at Hunt Library, room 4106.

Agenda: 2017 Agenda – Grad Personnel Rep Meeting

Slides: 2017 MASTER Presentation

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