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2016 Winners for Research Image Contest

For NC State’s first-ever research image contest, we received scores of submissions from graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, representing six colleges. Entries were made in three categories: graphics and illustration; photography and microscopy; and video and interactive.

The high quality of the submissions made it difficult to choose winners, but we ultimately chose a first- and second-place winner for each category – as well as two “honorable mentions” for each category. More information on these winners is below.

Announcing First Research Image Contest

What better way to spend the summer than reviewing research images submitted by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars? A team of communicators and faculty from College of Sciences and the Graduate School came together to launch the university’s first image contest in summer 2016.

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rendered image of a primary neuronal stem cell culture

Honorable Mention Entries in All Categories

The biggest problem for the contest committee was selecting just two winners from each of the three categories. So we decided to name two honorable mention winners for each category. You can see their entries in the galleries and YouTube.

Honorable mention, photography
Efrain Rivera Serrano
– “Cardiac Viral Infection” (Doctoral student, Comparative Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine)
Clint Penick –  “Glowing Ant” (Postdoctoral scholar,  Applied Ecology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Honorable mention, graphics and illustration
Victoria Arbour
– “Ankylosaur Tail Evolution” (Postdoctoral scholar, Biological Sciences, College of Sciences)
Tanner Nielson – “Combustor Simulation Image” (Doctoral student, Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering)

Honorable mention, video
Dishit Parekh
– “3D Printed Microfluidic Channels” (Doctoral student, Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering)
Adam Marrs – “View-Warped Soft Shadows” (Doctoral student, Computer Science, College of Engineering)