Travel Awards for Postdocs and House Officers

Description of Award

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is pleased to offer Travel Awards for Postdocs at NC State University. These grants are designed to provide supplemental funding for postdoctoral scholars and house officers traveling to present at domestic and international conferences. Postdocs are eligible to receive up to $500 for domestic travel, or $750 for international travel.

Application Deadline

Application Deadline                                           Date Notified
September 13, 2019                                           October 14, 2019
December 13, 2019                                            January 13, 2020
March 13, 2020                                                  April 13, 2020
June 19, 2020                                                     July 20, 2020


1. Must have a current appointment at NC State University or affiliate research centers

2. Must have been in current postdoc position for at least 6 months prior to the submission deadline

3. Must use the award within one calendar year of receiving it

4. Must demonstrate evidence of attending at least one professional development program organized by The Graduate School, including workshops, courses, and events. A full list of current offerings can be found on the Professional Development website.

5. Limit one travel award per postdoc

Submission Guidelines

Review the 2019-20 Travel Awards for Postdocs and House Officers Overview before submission. 

All required materials must be submitted through the Qualtrics Application by the designated deadline.

Required Materials

1. Travel Awards for Postdocs Application Form

2. Faculty Mentor Recommendation Form

3. Current CV

4. Proof of invitation from conference to present a paper, poster, or panel presentation

Domestic travel applications must be submitted 30 days prior to conference date. International travel applications must be submitted 60 days prior to conference date. Postdocs and House Officers who would like tickets, conference registration fees, and other expenses paid in advance must submit their applications at least 60 days prior to the conference.

Criteria for Evaluation

Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:
1. Strength of application

  • Merit of the application will be judged by the information provided in the application, abstract, and Faculty Mentor letter
  • The application is submitted on time with all the appropriate components submitted according to the instructions

2. Clarity of application – The research brief should be written in non-technical language for a multi-disciplinary audience

3. Contribution to professional development

  • Clear synopsis of postdoc/house officers career goals
  • Compelling argument as to why that particular conference or workshop will advance or contribute to the career goals of the applicant

4. Financial Need

5. Evidence of involvement in Postdoc community and commitment to professional development

  • Applicants must have participated in at least one professional development program organized by The Graduate School. Attendance is taken at most Graduate School events
  • Other forms of involvement, including involvement in Postdoctoral Association (PDA) or other committees

Postdoc Deliverables

Postdocs who receive a travel award are required to submit the following no more than two weeks upon their return:
1. A one-page (double-spaced) write up of the conference, what was presented, and what they gained from their experience

2. At least two photos from the event that can be used by OPA to promote postdoc research experiences

NC State Travel Policies

Applications must adhere to the travel policies of NC State:
Travel Expenses Information & Policies
Travel Subsistence Rate