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Travel Awards

Travel Awards for Postdocs and House Officers

Description of Award

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is pleased to offer Travel Awards for Postdocs at NC State University. These grants are designed to provide supplemental funding for postdoctoral scholars and house officers traveling to present at domestic and international conferences. Postdocs are eligible to receive up to $500 for domestic travel, or $750 for international travel.

Application Deadline

Travel Awards return in 2022!

Application deadlines (midnight Eastern Time):

  • Monday, February 14, 2022
  • Monday, May 9, 2022
  • Monday, August 15, 2022
  • Monday, November 7, 2022


1. Must have a current appointment at NC State University or affiliate research centers

2. Must have been in current postdoc position for at least 6 months prior to the submission deadline

3. Must use the award within one calendar year of receiving it

4. Must demonstrate evidence of attending at least one professional development program organized by The Graduate School, including workshops, courses, and events. A full list of current offerings can be found on the Professional Development website.

5. Limit one travel award per postdoc

Submission Guidelines

Review the 2022 Travel Awards for Postdocs and House Officers Overview before submission. 

All required materials must be submitted through the Qualtrics Application by the designated deadline.

Required Materials

1. Travel Awards for Postdocs Application Form

2. Faculty Mentor Recommendation Form

3. Current CV

4. Proof of invitation from conference to present a paper, poster, or panel presentation

Domestic travel applications must be submitted 30 days prior to conference date. International travel applications must be submitted 60 days prior to conference date. Postdocs and House Officers who would like tickets, conference registration fees, and other expenses paid in advance must submit their applications at least 60 days prior to the conference.

Criteria for Evaluation

Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:
1. Strength of application

  • Merit of the application will be judged by the information provided in the application, abstract, and Faculty Mentor letter
  • The application is submitted on time with all the appropriate components submitted according to the instructions

2. Clarity of application – The research brief should be written in non-technical language for a multi-disciplinary audience

3. Contribution to professional development

  • Clear synopsis of postdoc/house officers career goals
  • Compelling argument as to why that particular conference or workshop will advance or contribute to the career goals of the applicant

4. Financial Need

5. Evidence of involvement in Postdoc community and commitment to professional development

  • Applicants must have participated in at least one professional development program organized by The Graduate School. Attendance is taken at most Graduate School events
  • Other forms of involvement, including involvement in Postdoctoral Association (PDA) or other committees

Postdoc Deliverables

Postdocs who receive a travel award are required to submit the following no more than two weeks upon their return:
1. A one-page (double-spaced) write up of the conference, what was presented, and what they gained from their experience

2. At least two photos from the event that can be used by OPA to promote postdoc research experiences

NC State Travel Policies

Applications must adhere to the travel policies of NC State:
Travel Expenses Information & Policies
Travel Subsistence Rate

Past Travel Award Recipients

Leendert Hayen, Ph.D., Physics

Presentation title: First-forbidden transitions in the reactor antineutrino anomaly

Presentation location: Conference on Neutrino and Nuclear Physics 2020, Cape Town, South Africa

Olgha Qaqish, Ph.D., College of Engineering Dean’s Office

Presentation title: Best Practices: Maintaining Successful Mentoring Relationships

Presentation location: 2020 National Postdoctoral Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA

Camilo Mora-Navarro, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering

Presentation title: Decellularized Vocal Fold Lamina Propria-ECM And Associated Matrix-bound Vesicles: Proteomic and In Vitro Characterization Of The TGF-β1 Mediated Fibrotic Response In Human Fibroblasts

Presentation location: TERMIS America Chapter meeting, Orlando, FL

Sheila Saia, Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Resources

Presentation title: Improved Accuracy of Watershed-Scale General Circulation Model Runoff Using Deep Neural Networks

Presentation location: American Geophysical Union fall meeting, San Francisco, CA

Briana Whitaker, Ph.D., Plant & Microbial Biology

Presentation title: Direct and Indirect Effects of Fungal Inoculants on Switchgrass Physiology in Drought and Well-Watered Conditions

Presentation location: ASA-CSSA-SSSA (Tri-Societies) International annual meeting, San Antonio, TX

Eduardo Hatano, Ph.D., Entomology & Plant Pathology

Presentation title: Habitat assessment by the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, via volatile cues from chemical degradation of conspecific cuticular hydrocarbons

Presentation location: Entomological Society of America annual meeting, St. Louis, MO

Amanda Krentzel, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Presentation title: Estradiol rapidly modulates excitatory synapse properties in a sex and region specific manner in the nucleus accumbens core and caudate putamen

Presentation location: Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, Chicago, IL

Bruno Kanieski da Silva, Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Resources

Presentation title: Harvest Schedule under Price Endogeneity: Linking Field Operations to Market Decisions

Presentation location: XXV IUFRO, Curitiba, Brazil

Muntazar Monsur, Ph.D., Landscape Architecture

Presentation title: Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Technology to Teach Construction, Materials and Methods In Landscape Architecture

Presentation location: Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture annual meeting, Sacramento, CA

Ana Zuleta Correa, Ph.D., Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Presentation title: Suitability of Ensiled Biomass Sorghum as a Lignocellulosic Feedstock for Fermentable Sugar Production

Presentation location: ASABE annual international meeting, Boston, MA

Adam Kokotovich, Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Resources

Presentation title: Risk Assessment, Value Judgments and Synthetic Biology: A Role for Public Engagement

Presentation location: American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting, Washington, DC

Abhichart Krissanaprasit, Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering

Presentation title: Genetically Encoding Functional RNA Origami: Anti-Coagulants

Presentation location: Gordon Research conference: RNA nanotechnology, Ventura, CA

Zheng Li, Ph.D., Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Presentation title: Noninvasive Diagnosis of Tomato Late blight via Smartphone Fingerprinting of Leaf Volatiles

Presentation location: Spring American Chemical Society national meeting, Orlando, FL

Paul Beata, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering

Presentation title: Floating-Point Autotuner for CPU-Based Mixed-Precision Applications

Presentation location: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, & Analysis, Dallas, TX

Dimitri Blondel, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Presentation title: Ecology of Invasive Mus musculus on Islands

Presentation location: GIBRd annual meeting, Exmouth, Australia

Olena Leonchuk, Ph.D., Psychology

Presentation title: Methodology for developing alternative expert-opinion based bibliometric for emergent multidisciplinary fields

Presentation location: American Evaluation Association annual conference, Cleveland, OH

Shuang Liu, Ph.D., Crop & Soil Sciences

Presentation title: Soybean genotype and soil type shape the bacterial community structure in soils

Presentation location: SSSA International Soils meeting, San Diego, CA

Tahira Pirzada, Ph.D., Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Presentation title: Plant parasitic management in sub-Saharan Africa through wrap and plant technology

Presentation location: European Society of Nematologists conference, Ghent, Belgium

Xinyu Zhang, Ph.D., Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center

Presentation title: Visual training for intermediate scale bioreactors

Presentation location: Learning and Teaching Expo, Hong Kong, China

Aurore Canoville, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Presentation title: Microstructure, chemistry, and skeletal distribution of medullary bone in Neomithes – Paleobiological implications

Presentation location: Second Joint Conference on Evolutionary Biology, Montpellier, France

Benjamin Gingold, Ph.D., Molecular Biomedical Sciences

Presentation title: Measurement of peripheral muscle oxygen saturation in healthy horses using a near-infrared spectroscopy device

Presentation location: World Congress of Veterinary Anesthesiology, Venice, Italy

Lucie Guertalt, Ph.D., Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Presentation title: Geomorphic identification of physical habitat features in a large, altered river system

Presentation location: River Flow conference, Lyon, France

Qandeel Hussain, Ph.D., English

Presentation title: An acoustic and articulatory study of the three-way laryngeal contrast in coronal stops of Balti

Presentation location: ICSTLL & PSJ, Kyoto & Okinawa, Japan

Greer Arthur, Ph.D., Molecular Biomedical Sciences

Presentation title: Roles for MS4A4 in Fc-epsilon-RI signal transduction and store-operated calcium entry in human mast cells

Presentation location: Immunology annual meeting, Austin, TX

Rishi Aryal, Ph.D., Horticultural Science

Presentation title: Differential gene expression during blueberry fruit ripening

Presentation location: Plant Biology annual meeting, Montreal, Canada

Josefina Patricia Fernandez Moreno, Ph.D., Plant & Molecular Biology

Presentation title: Differential gene expression during blueberry fruit ripening

Presentation location: Plant Biology annual meeting, Montreal, Canada

Emily Moore, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Presentation title: Genetic variation at a conserved non-coding element contributes to microhabitat-associated behavioral differentiation in Malawi African cichlid fishes

Presentation location: Genetics Society of America Population, Evolutionary, & Quantitative Genetics conference, Madison, WI

Kunwar Singh, Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Resources

Presentation title: Trading milk for water: Evaluating hydrologic impacts of reduced alfalfa cropping in California’s Central Valley

Presentation location: American Association of Geographers conference, New Orleans, LA

Chad Highfill, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Presentation title: Natural genetic variation for cocaine and methamphetamine consumption, tolerance, and preference in drosophila melanogaster

Presentation location: Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA

Erin Lashnits, Ph.D., Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Presentation title: Statistics and modeling in infectious diseases

Presentation location: University of Washington Department of Biostatistics Summer Institute, Seattle, WA

Shay Logan, Ph.D., Philosophy

Presentation title: Constant domain semantics for contractionless first-order relevance logics

Presentation location: Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA

Shauna Morin, Ph.D., Education Leadership, Policy, & Human Development

Presentation title: Worldview diversity and inclusion in higher education

Presentation location: Dalton Institute on College Student Values, Tallahassee, FL

Sheila Saia, Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Resources

Presentation title: Integrating hydrological models and census data to prioritize climate change preparedness

Presentation location: United States Regional Conference for the International Association for Landscape Ecology, Chicago, IL

Melanie Hedgespeth, Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Resources

Presentation title: Municipal wastewater applications to forests: Using participatory science to understand human exposure and risks to chemical contaminants of concern

Presentation location: SETAC North America annual meeting, Minneapolis, MN

Alan Jacob, Ph.D., Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Presentation title: Effect of roughness on concentrated colloidal suspensions under flow

Presentation location: Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, Denver, CO

Haritha Malladi, Ph.D., Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering

Presentation title: Low-temperature vacuum drying procedure for rapid asphalt emulsion residue recovery

Presentation location: Transportation Research Board annual meeting, Washington, DC

Vladimir Pozdin, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering

Presentation titles: Strain sensors on thermoplastic polyurethane films for lightweight epidermal sensing; Low-cost flexible inorganic optical devices for flexible sensors; Modular design for epidermal temperature sensing

Presentation location: IEEE Sensors meeting, Glasgow, Scotland

Kurt Schab, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering

Presentation titles: Antenna bounds for reduced basis problems

Presentation location: International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, Verona, Italy