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Graduate Writing Certificate

The Graduate Professional Development Team’s new Writing Certificate offers all graduate and postdoc trainees an opportunity to develop essential writing skills for your academic program and professional career.

Image of writers participating in Camp Completion by standing up and writing on whiteboards in the Hunt Library Creativity Studio. They are "concept mapping" their dissertations.
Grad and postdoc trainees can earn hours towards the new Graduate Writing Certificate by participating in activities such as writing retreats, workshops, and development series.

Based on feedback from participants in past iterations of the certificate program, we have redesigned the certificate structure to support you from coursework, to dissertations and theses, to writing for publication and the workplace.

Trainees who earn the new Writing Certificate will: 

  • Develop productivity and goal setting strategies for writing 
  • Practice strategies for organizing common academic and workplace genres
  • Adapt strategies and genres to writing for their own discipline, professional interests, or goals
  • Implement effective writing stylistic strategies to communicate with academic and workplace stakeholders 
  • Create a public-facing portfolio that they can use to market themselves to prospective employers in academia or industry

If you’re ready to get started, take a look at our FAQs and sign up during our Fall 2022 registration period (Aug. 15- Sept. 1).

Graduate students and postdocs in any discipline are eligible to earn the Writing Certificate.

Writing Certificate Requirements

The Writing Certificate requires:

  1. 100 hours of participation in approved activities such as Graduate School workshops, and
  2. Successful completion of an online professional portfolio

Participation: To earn 100 hours of activities, you must participate in the “Ahead of the Pack” series (20 hours) and Writing Retreat (30 hours).  You complete the remaining 50 hours by participating in the Graduate School’s workshops, development series, and online writing groups.

These 100 hours are mostly based on “seat time,” or the amount of time that a workshop, series, or other event meets. See Certificate Requirements At-a-Glance page for details on these requirements and options.

Portfolio: The Professional Portfolio will showcase your best work for an employer or audience in your chosen sector (ex. academia, industry). Like the portfolio for our Teaching & Communication certificate, this portfolio must be public-facing, such as a WordPress site; present a coherent professional “brand” for your goals; and contain a selection of documents that best represent your ability to write for your chosen audience(s). See the Writing Certificate Portfolio Information page for details.


For questions about the logistics of the writing certificate, visit our FAQs page. For specific questions and to learn more about the writing certificate, contact Katie Homar, Director of Academic and Engineering Writing Support.

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