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Writing Certificate Portfolio Information

Similar to the Teaching & Communication Certificate, participants who earn the Writing Certificate must successfully complete a public-facing, professional portfolio. This page contains information about the portfolio and how it will be assessed.

Portfolio Rationale and Objectives

A professional portfolio website, such as a WordPress site, showcases your best work for an employer or audience in your chosen sector. This portfolio contains a selection of documents (“artifacts”) that best represent your ability to write for your chosen audience(s). Similar to a LinkedIn profile, a strong portfolio site presents a coherent professional “brand”–your story, what motivates your research, and your goals.

As the culmination of the Graduate Writing Certificate, the professional portfolio website is also your opportunity to apply the writing (and other document design) strategies that you have learned from writing workshops, development series, and related programming. 

Specifically, a strong professional portfolio will:

  • Make the case for your job readiness, keeping in mind your target sector/audience
  • Show that you can effectively communicate specialist information to a non specialist audience.
  • Use design principles to craft a professional image.

Learn more about the requirements for the Professional Portfolio here.

To have a strong portfolio, you should take our team’s Professional Portfolio Design development series, where you will implement best practices for creating an organized, visually effective portfolio site. 

Portfolio Assessment

The primary criterion for a successful portfolio is that it showcases your best work to a potential employer in your chosen sector. In order to do that, the portfolio must meet professional standards for the quality of reflection and evidence you include as well as the use of appropriate design principles.

For detailed criteria, please see the assessment rubric.

Portfolio Logistics FAQs

We recommend that you submit your final portfolio when you plan to finish the Graduate Writing Certificate, since it represents the culmination of your training through the program. You will submit the link to your website portfolio to the Moodle Project Space Dropbox. 

As a participant in the Writing Certificate, you will receive reminder emails each semester about submitting certificate hours, submitting the portfolio, and applying to complete the certificate.

All writing certificate participants will receive feedback on their professional portfolio websites based on the criteria in the rubric attached above. 

The Professional Portfolio Design (PPD) development series is highly recommended for creating a strong portfolio both for the certificates and for your professional career. Please note that you may only count PPD towards the Writing Certificate or TCC but not both. 

Professional Development Team workshops on topics like resumes and LinkedIn profiles will also help you to prepare the materials for an effective professional portfolio. Visit our Accelerate 2 Industry and workshops registration pages to see current offerings.

For specific questions, please contact Dr. Katie Homar (

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