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All NC State graduate students as well as all postdoctoral scholars are eligible to participate in the program. Students who have successfully completed any of the Graduate School’s writing workshops, writing development series, and related events like the “Camp Completion” retreat have already started earning hours towards the writing certificate.

The Writing Certificate can be earned by participating in 100 hours of approved workshops, development series, or other events, plus completing a capstone writing portfolio. Hours are based on “seat time” or the time that a workshop, series, or event meets. To demonstrate your interest in the certificate, however, you must complete an application form during our enrollment periods in order to become formally enrolled in the program (see the “How Do I Enroll?” question below).

There are several steps to earning the Writing Certificate.

(1) First, you should register for the certificate during an open enrollment period (August for fall term and January for spring term). Once you are enrolled, you will be added to the Writing Certificate Moodle space.

(2) You earn hours by participating in our Graduate School writing programs and for other approved activities. If you have attended eligible writing workshops, development series, or writing retreat events from the Graduate School before you enrolled in the certificate,  these events may also count towards your certificate hours. Please contact us if you have questions about your attendance at a Graduate School event, or if you have questions about whether an event is eligible for the certificate.

(3) As you participate, keep track of all the workshops you have taken. You can view a record of your past and current semester workshops on NC State’s REPORTER website.

(4) At the end of every semester,  you will receive a reporting form via email where you can indicate the workshops and other activities completed.

(5) When you are ready to finish the certificate, complete and submit the Writing Portfolio according to the guidelines.

If you have successfully completed any of the Graduate School’s writing workshops (such as Engineering Cafes), writing development series (such as Journal Article Publication), and related writing events, such as the “Camp Completion” writing retreat, you have already started earning hours towards the writing certificate! You may count past activities towards the certificate, but you must indicate your formal interest in the certificate by signing up during one of our enrollment periods at the beginning of the semesters. If you have questions about the eligibility of an event for the Writing Certificate, do not hesitate to contact us.

You may enroll in the Writing Certificate program during either of the two enrollment periods (every Fall and Spring).  Subscribe to our Professional Development Newsletter to receive announcements and reminders about certificate registration.

Our upcoming workshops and development series are listed here. You can also search REPORTER for available workshops and development series. If you are interested in taking a workshop that appears in the REPORTER catalog but not on the schedule, add it to your “watchlist” so that we can monitor demand.

There are several reasons to participate in the Writing Certificate program. Prospective employers across industries and sectors in the U.S. seek job applicants with writing expertise. Additionally, although specialized forms of writing are essential to all disciplines and professions, disciplinary writing practices are not always taught explicitly or purposefully. Participating in the certificate program thus offers an opportunity for you to be intentional about developing your writing expertise in your field and also to gain experience writing for diverse academic and industry audiences.

You should email Katie Homar, Director of Academic and Engineering Writing Support with questions.