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Termination from RA-TA Health Insurance Plan

Termination from RA-TA Health Insurance Plan

Please be aware that eligibility for the NC State RA-TA Plan (GSSP eligibility) is finalized on Census Day each semester. If a student fails to meet any one of the below GSSP eligibility requirements by Census Day, they are ineligible for the RA-TA Plan. Please speak with your department Graduate Services Coordinator if you have questions about your GSSP eligibility or health insurance coverage.

  1. Full-time enrollment, at all times
  2. Active, qualifying graduate appointment extending at least 30 days beyond the first day of classes.
  3. Active in an on-campus master’s or doctoral program

Coverage duration for the NC State RA-TA Plan is semester-based. Eligibility for the RA-TA Plan can only be established at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semesters (summer coverage is included in the Spring semester coverage period). Once students are eligible for coverage on the RA-TA Plan they will retain their coverage until the end of the eligible semester, unless the student requests earlier termination*. Please see the chart below to determine coverage duration by graduate appointment type and semester.

As of August 15, 2014 COBRA coverage is no longer an option for students losing coverage on the NC State RA-TA Plan.

  • Students who lose coverage through the NC State RA-TA Plan and remain enrolled at North Carolina State University can contact Student Health Services (99-515-2563) or Student Blue (1-888-351-8283) at to determine if they are eligible for the University Mandatory Plan.
  • Students who lose coverage through the NC State RA-TA Plan and do not plan to continue enrollment at the North Carolina State University (e.g., graduation) should shop for health insurance coverage at (within 60 days of coverage loss) or explore coverage through their employer’s available options, as soon as possible.

* Students must have alternate coverage before discontinuing or waiving the NC State RA-TA Plan given health insurance coverage is mandatory for all on-campus students.