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Nanjing Normal 3+X Applicants

Nanjing Normal 3+X Applicants

Congratulations on your nomination to apply to NC State University as a 3+X graduate applicant. Below is a list of major programs who will review applications from Nanjing Normal 3+X applicants. Please consider this list as you submit your graduate school application through our online application. You can click on the link for each major and view their program website; and there are even specific 3+X program details for some of the majors. The middle column lists the recommended length of time for completion of the master’s degree. The last column has important comments from the director of the program, including special application deadlines.

3+X Majors Recommendation for length of program Specific Requirements
Financial Math 3 + 1.5 There are specific undergraduate courses that are required before taking graduate courses. Application deadline is January 20.
Mathematics 3 + 1.5 Some specific graduate courses are required. Please, consult with the Director of Graduate Program.
Technical Communication 3 + 2  


There are several important deadlines and dates to be aware of during your application process and the entire time that you are a student at NC State University. Please print and keep this sheet, so that you are aware of these dates. Deadlines for 3+X applicants (PDF) The GTI website will also be very beneficial to you during your application process.

Master’s Degree credit for courses taken during the GTI semester

You are eligible to count your graduate level credits, taken during your GTI semester, toward your NCSU Master’s degree. The credit hours must be 500-level or higher and you must receive at least a grade of B (3.0 out of 4.0).

If you have reviewed the above, searched our ‘FAQ’ and still have questions:

Please send an email to Hayley Hardenbrook (International Admissions Specialist)