Partner with the NC State Graduate School to support student development and to establish a consistent pipeline of exceptional emerging leaders into your company.

The Accelerate to IndustryTM program offers you opportunities to engage NC State’s talented and diverse graduate, postdoctoral, and faculty community through targeted, meaningful recruitment activities that we tailor to your company’s needs.

A2i modules also provide companies with platforms to collaborate with NC State, and by doing so, directly participate in the training of graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and alumni who hold graduate degrees to display key competencies highly valued by industry companies, including –

  • Leadership, communication, and teamwork
  • Corporate cultural awareness and cross-cultural competence
  • Market and technology evaluation
  • Intellectual property and regulatory affairs
  • Commercializing research

A2i Industry Immersion Week provides a much-needed venue for companies to showcase their values, ideas, and employees to a diverse pool of talented and enthusiastic researchers. The program provides a substantive opportunity for industry partners to work with participants in a collaborative setting and to expose them to the insights and skills that will help them to thrive early in their careers. – Nicholas A. Kraft, Ph.D. (Principal Lead Scientist, ABB)

The A2i program includes several modules that offer a broad range of distinctive partnership opportunities:

Key features of an A2i partnership

We tailor the program’s content, project work, and activities to the topics that best suit the needs of sponsoring companies, and we also provides sponsoring companies with a more meaningful and robust engagement experience for recruitment from a diverse pool of our most talented graduate and postdoctoral researchers from across all disciplines and colleges at NC State University.

Sponsoring companies can populate program events with staff, and receive exclusive company advertising through signage and other print publications, and web-based media.

We further work with our sponsors to identify the disciplines and other features that align with each company’s recruitment needs. We then recruit doctoral and postdoctoral candidates who closely match the needs identified by the partnering company.

A2i staff also work with sponsors to facilitate on-site interviewing of program participants.

If you are interested to participate in A2i modules, please contact Dr. Jason Cramer (, Director, Accelerate to Industry Program.


2018 A2i Partners

Lord Corporation

Eastman Chemical



Precision Biosciences