Admission for International Students

International graduate students are admitted to either full-time study in a specific graduate program or into the Graduate-Unclassified category as an international visitor. In addition to admission requirements listed elsewhere for graduate admission, applicants who are not U.S. citizens must complete and submit a Visa Clearance Form and/or a Certificate of Financial Responsibility before a final admission decision can be made. Criteria for international visitors are as follows:

  1. International student visitors must state their educational objectives at NC State and the time expected to accomplish those objectives (normally one semester or one academic year). The educational objective may not be to seek a graduate degree at NC State.
  2. They are expected to meet the same minimum academic admission requirements that apply to graduate students in full standing.
  3. They are expected to meet the same TOEFL requirements that apply to international students who are admitted to master’s and doctoral programs if they plan to take courses. If they plan to register for research only, they are not required to take the TOEFL.
  4. They must be recommended by the DGP of the program in which they plan to take courses or do research. Special admission status may apply for a period not to exceed one year.
  5. They may hold a research assistantship but may not hold a teaching assistantship (provided their nonimmigrant status allows on-campus employment).
  6. They will not be eligible for the Graduate Student Support Plan.
  7. Those in F-1 or J-1 status must maintain full-time enrollment and all other requirements based on their particular nonimmigrant status.