Provisional Status

Students with bachelor’s degrees from accredited institutions whose scholastic records are below the standards for admission to full graduate standing may be admitted provisionally when unavoidable, extenuating circumstances affected their undergraduate averages or when progressive improvement in their undergraduate work warrants provisional admission. Students admitted provisionally under these circumstances can attain full graduate standing after completion of nine or more graduate credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.000. Courses taken for S/U grade cannot be used as part of the minimum.

Provisional admission may be granted to applicants with bachelor’s degrees from accredited institutions who lack undergraduate work considered essential for graduate study in a major field. Applicants with bachelor’s degrees from non-accredited institutions may be granted provisional admission when their academic records warrant this status.

Full graduate standing is granted when the deficiencies responsible for the provisional status are corrected through additional course work (without graduate credit), provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record (3.000 GPA) on all course work taken in a graduate classification. A change from provisional status to full graduate standing is effected only upon the recommendation of the department in which the student is seeking the degree.

A graduate student is not eligible for appointment to an assistantship or fellowship while on provisional status.