Graduate students wishing to audit a course must have the approval of their advisor and of the department offering the course. While auditors receive no course credit, they are expected to attend class regularly. The degree to which an auditor must participate in class beyond regular attendance is optional with the instructor. Any auditing requirements should be clearly explained in writing to the student at the beginning of the semester. Should an instructor conclude that an auditor has failed to fulfill the stipulated requirements, the instructor is justified in marking NR (no recognition given for an audit) on the final grade report.

Audits (AU) in subjects in which the graduate student has had no previous experience will be evaluated at full credit value in determining course loads. Audits taken as repetition of work previously accomplished are considered at one-half their credit value in calculating course loads. With the single exception of foreign language audits, all audit registration must fall within the maximum permissible course loads. While audit registrations are evaluated for purposes of determining permissible course loads in terms of the regulations of the Graduate School, the University Cashier’s Office considers all audits, except one permitted free of charge, in terms of full credit value in calculating tuition.