Continuous Registration

After a student is admitted to the Graduate School and enrolls for the first time, she/he is required to maintain continuous registration, i.e., be enrolled each semester, excluding summer sessions, until she/he has either graduated or her/his graduate program at NC State has been terminated. All students who graduate during the second summer session must be registered for either the first or second summer session.

Leave of Absence
A student in good academic standing who must interrupt her/his graduate program for good reasons may request a leave of absence from graduate study for a definite period of time not to exceed one year within a given graduate program. The request should be made at least one month prior to the term involved. Upon endorsement of the request by the student’s graduate advisory committee and Director of Graduate Programs, and approval by the Graduate School, the student would not be required to be registered during the leave of absence. The time that the student spends on an approved leave of absence will be included in the time allowed to complete the degree, i.e., six (6) years for master’s and ten (10) for doctoral.

Graduate students whose programs have been terminated because of failure to maintain continuous registration and who have not been granted a leave of absence during a fall or spring semester will be required to reapply for admission, and pay the admission fee ($65.00 for US Citizens and Permanent Residents or $75.00 for Non-Resident Aliens [Internationals]), if they wish to resume their graduate studies at NC State.

Adding Courses
Courses may be added during the first week of a semester, via MyPack Portal alone, or during the second week, via MyPack Portal and with permission of the instructor. In a summer session, courses may be added during the first two days via MyPack Portal alone, and/or during the third and fourth days via MyPack Portal with permission of the instructor. To add a student to a course after the deadline for adding courses, an instructor must submit a Schedule Revision Form (available in departmental office) to the School/College or Graduate Dean’s approval.

Dropping Courses
All 500-800 level courses may be dropped through MyPack Portal without grades during the first eight weeks of a semester and during the first two weeks of a summer session. Students and advisors should consult the specific Registration and Records calendar for drop deadlines. Students should make schedule changes as early as possible in the semester. The number of hours for which a student is officially enrolled and upon which tuition and fees are based is that number in which the student is enrolled at the end of the second week of classes of a semester and at the end of the fifth day of a summer session (the last day to withdraw or drop a course with a refund). A Schedule Revision Form (available in departmental office) is required to drop a course after the deadline. No dropping of courses shall be allowed except for documented medical reasons or other verified, unforeseen grounds of personal or family hardship. Making such exceptions to policy requires the recommendation of the chair of the student’s advisory committee, the Director of Graduate Programs or Department Head, and the Dean of the Graduate School. Courses may not be dropped after the final grades have been submitted by the instructor and processed by Registration and Records.

Dropping Minicourses
The drop date for a five-week minicourse is the last day of the third week of the mini-course. The drop date for a seven-week minicourse is the last day of the fourth week of the minicourse. Instructors teaching minicourses (courses which last only a portion of the semester) should announce at the outset of these courses their appropriate drop deadlines.