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9,400+ Students Are in Graduate School This Fall

David Shafer talking with students
David Shafer of the Graduate School talks with new students at orientation. (Natalie Hampton photo)

The Graduate School kicked off the fall 2017 semester as usual with orientation Aug. 14 for more than 2,300 students registered for the event. This fall, there are nearly 9,400 graduate students enrolled in graduate programs, including 5,700+ master’s students, 3,400+ doctoral students and 240 certificate students.

Fall orientation included a dramatization by Chapel Hill’s Theater Delta that focused on the mentor-student relationship in graduate school. Actors portrayed new Ph.D. student Danielle Young and her major professor Dr. Patricia Reed.

The students saw a very excited Danielle Young meeting with Reed just as the semester begins, and again later in the semester when Danielle becomes overwhelmed by life events and the demands of graduate school. Reed tries to offer her advice on managing her time more effectively.

Between short vignettes, students had the opportunity to ask both characters questions and talk with their peers about the relationship between Danielle and her mentor.

In addition, students heard from various university administrators, including Dean Maureen Grasso and other representatives of the Graduate School; Tyler Allen, president of the Graduate Student Association; Jackie Gonzalez, student body president; and representatives of NCSU Libraries and the Counseling Center.

On Aug. 10, the Graduate School held an introductory workshop for teaching assistants, led by Dr. Peter Harries, senior associate dean, and the professional development team. A total of 365 students attended the workshop at McKimmon Center, along with a host of teachers who assisted with the session.

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