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Staff Directory


Team Leaders

Laura Demarse

Assistant Dean for Professional Development & External Relations

Lian Lynch

Assistant Dean for Student Administration and Academic Affairs

David Shafer

Assistant Dean for Outreach and Diversity

Savita Sharma

Assistant Dean of Operations & Fiscal Affairs

Associate Dean Emeritus

Michael Carter

Associate Dean Emeritus

Administrative Assistants


Student Records / Academic Affairs

Kayla Anima

Coordinator of Graduate Courses and Curricula

Jennifer Beaman

Liaison for College of Engineering, Operations Research

Skyler Bunn

ETD Reviewer, Graduation Coordinator, Slate Communications Specialist

Belen Gebremichael

Liaison for College of Sciences, Design, Humanities, Social Science

Nathaisa Jones

Liaison for Education, Management, Natural Resources, Certificates

Peggy Olive

Liaison for Agriculture & Life Sciences, Textiles, Veterinary Medicine

Operations and Fiscal Affairs

Dare Cook

Graduate Student Support Plan Manager

Richard Corley

Graduate Appointments & Fellowships

Todd Marcks

Fellowships and Grants Administrator


Darren White

Interim Director of Marketing and Communications

Professional Development

Graduate Fellowship Advising

Kristen Hetrick

Graduate Fellowship Specialist

Courtney Hughes

Director, University Fellowship Office

Information Technology

Raj Bhosale

Director of Information Systems

David Edelman

Business Applications Designer


Graduate School Org Chart

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