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Celebrating 55 Years of Dedicated Service: Peggy Olive’s Remarkable Journey with the NC State Graduate School

Peggy Olive NC State Graduate School

In the heart of NC State University, an extraordinary journey spanning 55 years comes to a close as Peggy Olive, the steadfast Liaison for Agriculture & Life Sciences, Textiles, and Veterinary Medicine, bids farewell to the NC State Graduate School and the NC State community. 

Peggy’s story with the university began in March of 1968 in an era of typewriters and paper applications.

Back in 2018 Peggy celebrated 50 years of service to the University where she spoke of working with a rotary telephone, typewriter and mimeograph machine and she has seen the university grow and scale in tremendous ways.

Throughout the decades, Peggy has been a beacon of support in her role as a liaison—not only bridging the gap between departments and the Graduate School but also fostering an environment of collaboration. Over the years, Peggy has witnessed the evolution of technology, curriculum, and the very fabric of the university itself, however one thing remains constant: her commitment to the success of graduate students.

“Peggy Olive’s contributions to the Graduate School have been extensive over her 55 years serving within the office. She has had a direct impact on the academic success of countless graduate students, especially those in CALS, the CBS program with CVM, and within the WCOT, who served in her position as Graduate Liaison,” said Peter Harries, Dean of the Graduate School.  “If one thinks about how much has changed over that time – especially with the technological innovations that have occurred over the past half century – she has been continually adapting and promoting best practices under a wide range of different processes and approaches. She leaves a lasting imprint and legacy on graduate education at NC State, and I greatly appreciate all that she has done for the institution.”

As Peggy embarks on the next chapter of her life, the NC State Graduate School takes a moment to celebrate her legacy. Her retirement is the end of a remarkable era. The university community expresses profound gratitude for Peggy Olive’s 55 years of dedicated service, and the impact she leaves behind will be felt for generations to come.

Peggy Olive speaks to a room filled with past and current colleagues during her retirement reception on Dec. 13, 2023.

I really love what I do and helping graduate students,” said Peggy Olive, Liaison for Agriculture & Life Sciences, Textiles, Veterinary Medicine. “I love working here at NC State, and I love the people I’ve had the chance to work with over the years I’ve been working at this great university.  

Peggy retires as one of the oldest employees at the institution, with the longest job tenure within the same university unit. Join us in celebrating a career that has been a testament to the enduring spirit of education and the Wolfpack community.

Peggy Olive’s Retirement Reception Photos

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