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Graduate Student Spotlights

Grad Student Profile: Paige Moore

Paige Moore Ph.D. graduate in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The spirit of the Wolfpack is alive and well, especially as it relates to this soon to be three-time graduate of NC State. Paige Moore received her undergraduate degree, masters and now set to graduate this spring with her Ph.D. in Public Administration from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Tell us about your journey to graduate school and what led you to NC State.
I came to NC State from an early college high school for my undergraduate degree in 2011. Because I went to an early college high school there was an agreement that I would continue my education at an in-state university. I have always loved NC State so I decided to join the Wolfpack.

Tell us about your research.
I started teaching in my MSW program because I was a graduate teaching assistant and taught social welfare policy. I obtained my teaching certificate while getting my masters. In my Ph.D. program we alternate between teaching and reset assignments so I taught for two years and conducted research for two years. Regarding teaching, I taught a section of the Introduction to American Government course, Introduction to Public Administration, and Introduction to Nonprofits. So I got a lot of teaching experience.

I started doing research on culturally competent services and public messaging, as well as policing. At the time I was seeing disparities in COVID messaging for diverse communities and very clear messaging and testing options for predominantly white and wealthy communities. I was also conducting research on policing throughout my Ph.D. I always knew that I wanted to focus on policing. Anyone who knows me knows I am a policing and social equity researcher. At the time I was also consulting for the Raleigh Police Department and developed their ACORNS team. ACORNS stands for Addressing Crises through Outreach, Referrals, Networking, and Service and the program was established to work with residents in crisis and directs them to available resources.

How has NC State and the Graduate School helped you with your professional development?
The Graduate School has helped me in many ways! I got my teaching certification from the graduate school and I have taken a number of workshops that the professional development team offers both online and in person. I also completed the Leadership Learning Institute offered by the professional development team within the Graduate School.

What advice do you have for new or current graduate students?
Getting your Ph.D. is a totally different ball game compared to getting your masters. Make sure that you are dedicated to the process. Whatever your reasoning for starting graduate school, you need to make sure that it is your reason and it has to be a good enough reason that sticks with you for the two to ten years it may take to complete your degree.

No one can do it for you and it takes a lot of self discipline and it will be isolating at times. You also need a good support system to survive, you need friends, family, and colleagues who you can reach out to when things get tough. Universities should give out honorary degrees to spouses because my husband Jacob has been my rock!

What does being an NC State graduate student mean to you?
I remember in my first history class, it was a lecture style class, one of those 200 plus people courses, and my professor said “NC State is for leaders, if you’re not a leader you shouldn’t be at NC State,” and that always stuck with me. I told myself that being here, meant that I have a duty to contribute to something larger than myself and lead the charge.

What does the future have in store for Paige?
Just the relief of successfully defending and reaching this point in my career, I’m so glad to be done. I have accepted an Assistant Professor Position in Social Work at Meredith College and I look forward to teaching.

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