NC State Graduate Handbook

The Graduate Handbook provides an overview of Graduate School functions and resources, as well as the rules, regulations, and procedures administered by the Graduate School.

It is the responsibility of all graduate students to know and understand their degree requirements. Students are responsible for the fulfillment of those requirements.

NC State also lists official policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) on the university’s PRR website. Links to pertinent PRRs are found in the Graduate Handbook sections that contain PRR information.

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Table of Contents

Graduate Administration
1.1 Graduate School Responsibilities
1.2 Graduate Student Responsibilities
1.3 Graduate Faculty
1.4 Directors of Graduate Programs
1.5 Graduate Services Coordinators
1.6 Graduate School Representatives
1.7 Administrative Board of the Graduate School
1.8 Common Administrative Board Actions

Applications and Admissions
2.1 Applications
2.2 Application Deadlines
2.3 Graduate School Admissions
2.4 International Student Admissions
2.5 Medical History and Immunization Requirements

Graduate Degrees: Policies and Procedures
3.1 Graduate School Minimum Requirements
3.2 Advisory Committees
3.3 Graduate Plan of Work
3.4 Time Limits
3.5 Comprehensive Examinations
3.6 Theses and Dissertations
3.7 Master’s Degree: Summary of Procedures
3.8 Doctoral Degree: Summary of Requirements
3.9 Change in Degree Level or Program
3.10 Dual Master’s Degrees
3.11 Master’s Degree while in Doctoral Status
3.11a Co-Majors and Minors
3.12 Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program
3.13 Graduate Certificate Programs
3.14 Minimum Enrollment Requirements
3.15 Course Registration
3.16 Withdrawal from the University
3.17 Grades
3.18 Graduate Courses
3.19 Academic Difficulty
3.20 Graduation
3.21 Diplomas
3.22 University Patent Agreement and Copyright Procedures
3.23 Release of Student Information
3.24 Schedule of Required Documents

Financial Assistance
North Carolina Residency
4.1 Assistantships, Fellowships, Traineeships, and Grants
4.2 RA and TA Appointments
Graduate Student Support Plan
Cooperative Education Program
Work-Study Program
Veterans Benefits
GSA Travel and Thesis Funds

Codes of Conduct
5.1 Discipline and Grievance Procedures
Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy
Policy on Illegal Drugs
Policy on Interpersonal Relationships