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Alumni Success

Brendan Madigan, CFO, Limited Run Games

Brendan Madigan

Get to know Brendan

Current role: CFO at Limited Run Games
Current industry: Video game publishing
Current location: Raleigh, NC 
Program start date: September 2015 
Graduation date: August 2016
Program format: On campus

Life before Jenkins

Undergraduate education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A. in Public Policy

Why a MAC?

As he neared the end of his undergraduate program, Madigan began exploring opportunities to jump-start his career. “I was looking for a graduate program that would accelerate my career while providing a clear return on investment. Combined with my interest in accounting, a MAC seemed to check those boxes.”

Why Jenkins?

For Madigan, getting a MAC meant more than adding three letters to his resume – it meant investing in promising career advancement opportunities. “I was looking for a program with a strong academic reputation as well as a robust alumni network. Of the programs I looked at, NC State seemed to be the leader in both of these areas.” 

What made it great

Rather than taking the public accounting route after graduation, Madigan jumped straight into corporate accounting. He believes the quality of instruction in the Jenkins MAC program, as well as the wide array of topics covered in the curriculum, gave him the foundation he needed to thrive in his career. “I felt well-prepared for the challenge of corporate accounting and had the skill set to succeed,” he says.

Career impact 

According to Madigan, investing in a program with academic excellence and a strong alumni network paid off. “There has been a clear ROI for me and the MAC program has truly supercharged my career growth. The alumni network has helped open many doors in my career – and the knowledge and skills I learned in the program continue to pay dividends for me and have allowed me to succeed across different roles within accounting and finance, as well as within different industries.”

Final thoughts

Looking back on his professional growth, Madigan recommends the Jenkins MAC program to anyone hoping to accelerate their career. “The MAC program has been foundational to the success that I have had in my career,” he says. “Between the academic reputation of the program, the quantity of instruction and the strength of the alumni network, the program is an excellent opportunity for anyone hoping to start or enhance their career in accounting or finance.”

Get in touch

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