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A Message From the Dean

Peter Harries by Lake Raleigh
Peter Harries, dean of the Graduate School (Freeman Fotographics)

I am humbled and honored to be chosen as interim dean of the Graduate School. Not only is this office staffed by an engaged, motivated, and professional staff, but it represents the hub of NC State’s graduate education. To expose the broader community to the impacts of this vitally important component of a research-intensive university, this current edition of tHINK documents a sampling of the ground-breaking, transformative research being undertaken by our graduate students as well as the contributions that they and our graduate alumni are making in North Carolina and beyond.

Whether developing new approaches to the ethical issues, using new techniques to address health issues, or developing knowledge of food science to produce healthier products, NC State graduate students are delving into the pressing issues and grand challenges facing our society. This work does not happen in a vacuum, but is closely tied to the support provided by various university entities and, of course, the faculty that mentor these students and assist them in a variety of ways to push us beyond the frontiers of what we currently know.

Another important element in these advances is the role that philanthropy plays in promoting the aspirations of the next generation of researchers. Gifts play a significant role in expanding graduate opportunities. Support in a research area, such as that supplied by the Wilkinson Graduate Ethics Fellowship, or the Steve and Jane Warren/Wolfpack Club Graduate Fellowship that funds former varsity athletes entering master’s or doctoral studies, or academic and professional development support from the Arthur B. Moss Graduate School International Travel Grant, elevates scholarship.

With the support of our alumni and friends, we can build on the excellence that exists and advance the discovery of knowledge that will benefit North Carolina, the country, and beyond.

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