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Jun 13, 2018

How To Break Barriers In Science: Applied Ecology’s Martha Burford Reiskind

Research assistant professor Martha Burford Reiskind noticed that her Ph.D. students felt isolated as they worked on their dissertations. So she started a weekly group that combine dissertation writing and discussion. 

Stephanie at lab bench

Oct 11, 2016

Finalists Named for 3 Minute Thesis 2016

Ten finalists for the Graduate School’s second annual 3 Minute Thesis® competition, Oct. 25, will demonstrate who is most capable of describing their Ph.D. research in just three minutes and with only one slide. 

Meagan and student at white board

Jul 13, 2016

Report Finds Trend Toward Research Article Dissertations

Doctoral dissertations -- the last achievement of a Ph.D. program – are more likely to be research article dissertations at institutions focused on science, technology, engineering and math, according to a report by NC State University’s Graduate School. 

Meagan and student at white board

Jun 1, 2016

Dissertation Direction

Dissertation Institute helps NC State doctoral candidates take the final steps toward finishing their dissertations. 

student writing on white board

May 10, 2016

Crossing the Finish Line

The Graduate School's Dissertation Institute is raising the rate at which doctoral students complete their degrees. 

photo of man in front of PowerPoint slide

Oct 1, 2015

Making Research Approachable is Goal of 3 Minute Thesis

Deliver an entire Ph.D. dissertation in three minutes? NC State doctoral students are invited to take the challenge of 3 Minute Thesis. 

Meagan at white board

Aug 24, 2015

New Program Supports Students Finishing Their Dissertations

As a doctoral student, Meagan Kittle Autry worked with a friend to complete her dissertation. What she learned through that experience has led to the development of a new online community to help NC State Ph.D. candidates finish their dissertations and earn their degrees.