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An evening with PhD Comics’ Jorge Cham

Come hear from Jorge Cham, the genius behind PhD Comics, for a fun-filled evening of laughter, wit, and relatable academic humor focused on the graduate journey!

Jorge Cham

The NC State Graduate School and NC State Friends of the Libraries presents “An evening with PhD Comics’ Jorge Cham”

Join us for a hilarious and enlightening evening with Jorge Cham, Stanford PhD and the creator of the popular PhD Comics! Get ready to laugh and relate as Jorge shares his unique perspective on the ups and downs of academic life.

In his talk, Jorge Cham recounts his experiences traveling to over 150 universities and research centers in the US and across the world, lecturing and listening to graduate students and researchers from all walks of life share their stories of anxiety and de-motivation. Thought-provoking yet humorous, Jorge Cham’s talk examines the sources of stress for creative and scientific professionals, explores the myth of procrastination, and helps students and staff figure out how to connect to their inner passion.

Date: Thursday, March 7

Time: 5:30 p.m. 

Location: James B. Hunt Jr. Library, Duke Energy Hall 

illustration provided by PHD Comics
Illustration provided by PHD Comics

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Jorge’s witty anecdotes and insightful commentary on the world of academia. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or just curious about the PhD journey, this event is sure to entertain and resonate with you. 

Space is limited! So, mark your calendars and register today. 

A light reception will immediately follow the talk.

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