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To transform graduate education, we’ve designed a bold, new approach to workforce readiness: Accelerate to Industry (A2i)™.  Our Accelerate to Industry program is funded through a National Science Foundation Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) grant.

With A2i, graduate students can explore the ample employment opportunities with industry companies here on our NC State Centennial Campus, in North Carolina and across the US. They can develop the business, leadership and communication skills that companies seek.

Accelerate to Industry is funded by the National Science Foundation through an Innovations in Graduate Education grant.

One of our signature programs, the annual Summer Immersion, introduces participants to potential careers in industry through an intensive week-long experience. Scroll down to learn more about this year’s Immersion Week or visit the Apply webpage starting on March 1 to apply for this event.

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Our mission is to show NC State graduate students, postdocs, and alumni the wide range of available industry careers, to help them secure industry jobs, and to empower them to hit the ground running in the corporate environment by demonstrating key competencies that are not usually learned through graduate training.

Transforming Graduate Education

We have designed a bold, new approach to workforce readiness.

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Regardless of your discipline or graduate degree level, the A2i approach will support your ability to make the academia-to-industry transition through a variety of modules that offer a range of training experiences.

These modules can be completed in any order, and you will experience the benefits of A2i by completing any one, without necessarily completing all of them.

A2i Modules


This module is an 8-week development series that offers industry professionals opportunities to participate in workshops, career panels, and presentations that support participants in their efforts to market their abilities to industry companies.

We selectively recruit graduate and postdoctoral researchers in response to each company’s specific recruitment needs. Our recruitment methods ensure that participants in the site visit are interested in building their careers with the respective company.

This module establishes opportunities for industry companies to work directly with NC State Graduate School for recruitment. More than advertising, we recruit outstanding candidates who match internship criteria, and we prepare applications portfolios to assist company liaisons with the selection process.

This practicum is a 12-week development series during which NC State University graduate students and postdocs learn to leverage their technical backgrounds and creativity to move ideas and projects forward as a part of a cross-disciplinary team. Each partnering company will work with a multidisciplinary team on a project that is relevant to the company. Moreover, we recruit the team members in response to the company’s needs.

This is an intensive experiential learning opportunity that prepares NC State graduate students, postdocs, and alumni for the corporate environment. The Accelerate to Industry Immersion module includes a week-long immersion experience for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers that includes signature A2i content along with events and activities unique to the Immersion Week.

A2i modules offer a broad range of activities that will expose you to numerous companies that span the major industry sectors, to insights into corporate culture, to tactics that can be used to secure jobs, and to strategies that will support your long-term career success.

Key features:

  • Multidisciplinary team projects completed in collaboration with industry companies
  • Leadership presentations from renowned industry professionals
  • Company site visits and company fairs
  • Internships and networking sessions
  • Development workshops and career panels
  • Professional photo sessions

The professional skills I developed and the knowledge I obtained during the Industry Immersion Week at NC State helped me build confidence for transition to my new academic career, and enabled me to interact more effectively with people in my workplace, industry, and beyond. The Industry Immersion Week is a powerhouse to unleash your potentials, and to Think and Do! – Naim Montazeri, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Food Virology, University of Florida)

A2i modules will also offer you training in the following key business and professional areas:

Moreover, A2i modules include opportunities for you to receive support in the following areas:

  • Personal branding and networking
  • LinkedIn use and interviewing
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Personal and research elevator pitches
A2i Immersion Week
A2i Team Practicum
A2i Job Search Strategies
A2i Site Visits
A2i Internships

We thank MedPharm, LORD Corporation, ABB, Eastman Chemical Company, Bayer, BASF, and all our partners for their support of the A2i program!