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Jun 24, 2020

PhD Career Panel – Advice for your next career step

Ph.D.-trained researchers working in a variety of fields share their career journeys and advice on navigating transitions with postdocs who attended our virtual career panel. 

Jun 9, 2020

Look Beyond the Big Boys: How Working for a Smaller Start-up Company Can Benefit Your Career

Smaller, start-up companies should also be considered for your next career step. They provide unique opportunities to experience a diversity of roles in the company as most employees wear many hats at a smaller company. We talk to two such companies, HZO & SinnovaTek, here. 

A2i meeting

May 2, 2020

Join Us for the Industry Job Search Strategies (JSS) Online

From understanding what career options are available to you to creating resumes, the industry job search can bring a lot of questions and challenges. To help our gradpack, The Graduate School’s professional development team is offering an online summer session of Industry Job Search Strategies (JSS). 

Dane Grismer working in his KBI lab

Dec 2, 2019

Job Search Tips with NC State Alum Dane Grismer

According to NC State undergraduate (BS, Chemical Engineering; BS, Paper Science and Engineering, 2009) and postdoctoral alum, Dane Grismer, Ph.D., it is never too early to begin your job search. Grismer describes his process of career exploration, his insights from serving on job searches with his current employer (KBI Biopharma), and offers advice on being prepared and strategic in a new role. 

Participants of Industry Immersion Week 2019 working on alumni David Faila's interactive project.

Aug 23, 2019

ImPACKful Tips: How to Differentiate Yourself on the Job Market

The job market (both academic and non-academic) is highly competitive in a variety of careers and an MA or Ph.D. is not enough.