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Recruiting Resources

Attract top students in your field to NC State by taking advantage of the Graduate School's recruiting resources, including top-up fellowships, a visitation program, and funds for department recruiting activities.

Recruiting Proposals

In order to increase graduate student enrollment, while maintaining and increasing student quality, the Graduate School funds proposals submitted by departments/programs to support graduate student recruitment initiatives.

Funds are available to departments/programs to aid in the recruitment of new graduate students. Up to $2,000 per proposal may be requested. A request for funding requires a 1:1 match from departmental/graduate program funds.

Examples of previously funded projects include: campus visitation programs/recruitment weekends, travel to recruitment fairs/conferences, development of recruitment displays/materials.

Recruiting Innovation Grants

This program is designed to promote a comprehensive and holistic overhaul of the recruiting process with the overarching goal of increasing the number and quality of students applying to and ultimately enrolled at NC State University.

The Graduate School offers up to five $10,000 awards that require a $5,000 match from the program and/or college. These are envisioned as two-year awards, with $7,500 allotted per year from both funding sources.

All graduate programs are eligible to submit one proposal for funding. Proposals will be evaluated by The Graduate School based on: 1) the potential to directly increase graduate enrollment, and 2) the ability to retain graduate students once recruited. Projects that include a component to increase diversity in graduate education are encouraged.


Collier Scholarship
GAANN Fellowship Program
Molecular Biotechnology Training Program Traineeships
SREB Doctoral Scholars Program
University Graduate Fellowships
Wells Fargo Supplemental Fellowship
Warren-Wolfpack Club Graduate Fellowship

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Undergraduate Summer Research

NC State’s Summer Research Experiences programs introduce students to all aspects of research, foster interest in research at the graduate level, and provide students an insider’s look at NC State University. SRE participants engage in several joint activities — Summer Research Program Welcoming Reception, Lab Safety Training, Seminars on How to Make Effective Research Presentations, Seminar on Negotiating the Graduate School Process, Seminar on Financing Graduate Education, Seminar on Research Ethics, Social Events, and Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium.

Recruiting Events and Other Resources

In an effort recruit top scholars, the Graduate School will send a representative to participate in a number of recruitment events nationally as well as those offered across North Carolina.

The Graduate School will provide recruiting materials to faculty, postdoctoral scholars, staff and students to support college and departmental recruiting efforts. Our Graduate Student Brochure offers a brief introduction to NC State, The Graduate School, and how to apply to graduate programs. The Brochure lists individual programs with contact information, as well as graduate minors and certificate programs. Copies are available upon request.

Financing graduate education handout and the Rankings and Facts website are available for your convenience.

Visitation Programs

The Graduate School visitation programs are designed to encourage students, especially those from underrepresented groups, to pursue graduate degrees. NC State partners with graduate school preparation programs, HBCUs, other colleges and universities across the nation, as well as national diversity-focused organizations to identify prospective talent to participate in the programs.

The next Visit NC State Program will be from November 26 – 28, 2023. During the program, participants visit with faculty and graduate students in their graduate programs of interest and learn more about the graduate educational environment at NC State. Admission into the program is based on academic merit and faculty endorsement.

The Graduate School also hosts in-person and virtual visitation programs upon request throughout the year for student groups visiting from other colleges/universities. Contact Dr. David Shafer for availability.


Dr. David Shafer, Assistant Dean