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International Students

A Community of International Scholars

North Carolina State University recognizes the importance of common global concerns and acknowledges the interdependence of nations and peoples throughout the world. We support a wide array of cooperative academic, research and public service programs that allow our faculty, staff and students to address international political, social and economic problems. We also sponsor a variety of study abroad opportunities and international activities.

Currently, there are several thousand graduate students from over 85 different countries pursuing degrees at NC State. These international scholars play an important part in our academic community. They bring a new perspective to their area of study, open new doors for research, and help spread NC State’s reputation for excellence around the world.

From Middle East to America: PhD Graduate Tells of Inspiring Journey

While working on her master’s degree in her home country of Saudi Arabia, Heba Al-Mohsin wanted one thing: the opportunity to do her own research in the laboratory.

Back home at the Saudi university Al-Mohsin attended, instrumentation wasn’t available at the women’s university, and so lab work was done at a men’s university. Women students at their own university would analyze the men’s lab data.

Al-Mohsin in commencement robe

International Student Services

Most international students are in the U.S. and away from family and friends for the first time, so we work hard to make sure they feel at home once they enroll. We make the transition easier by offering services to help with immigration issues, application requirements, and beginning the process of becoming a graduate student at NC State.

2,600 + International Graduate Students

International students make up 35 percent of NC State’s graduate student population.

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