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Leadership Program

Our communities and greater society need effective leaders who are self-aware, ethical and skilled. Taking time to develop one’s leadership skills during graduate school or a postdoctoral experience will provide a significant return on investment for one’s future career. The Graduate School at North Carolina State University provides graduate students and postdoctoral scholars a way to grow and enhance their leadership skills through the “Leadership Learning Institute (LLI)” program. LLI consists of four short courses that focus on self-awareness, communication, influence and purpose. Each short course consists of three, 2-hour sessions (12 sessions total). Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who wish to participate in LLI need to submit an application and obtain the support of their faculty advisor or PI. See information below the video for more details.

If you are interested in pursuing the Leadership Certificate, please sign up here once you have been accepted to the Leadership Learning Institute. Go to the registration link to apply to the 2024 Summer Leadership Learning Institute (linked below). You will first need to be accepted to the Leadership Learning Institute before you can pursue the Leadership Certificate.

Graduate students participating in the Leadership Learning Institute (LLI) talk about the benefits of the program.

Leadership Learning Institute

The Graduate School’s Leadership Learning Institute (LLI) will guide participants through the creation of foundational knowledge and self-awareness that lead to the development of the skills needed within the future leaders. Over the course of three to four months, LLI will both deliver and require self-assessments, seminars, reflections and experiences that result in the participants acquiring sound, compelling and effective leadership proficiencies. These insights will help the LLI participants be more marketable and competitive for positions in their chosen career fields. Those who successfully complete all of the requirements associated with the LLI will receive a non-credit Leadership Certificate that will be noted on their transcript; they can also indicate on their CV or resume that they have completed this intensive leadership course.

The 2024 Summer LLI sessions will be held on Centennial Campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the dates of May 7 and July 16, 2024 from 2 to 4 p.m.; location will be on Centennial Campus and the room is to be determined. This cohort-based program will meet in person and is limited to 24 participants. Applications are being taken through this link until Friday, March 29, 2024. See the registration form for more details.

Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Certificate offered through the Graduate School provides foundational knowledge that leads to the development of the skills needed within future leaders. Earning this certificate reflects the acquisition of effective and sound leadership proficiencies.

Leadership Learning Institute

Leadership Certificate Requirements

This certificate involves participation in the Leadership Learning Institute (LLI). All participants need to attend all three sessions of Short Course 1 as these are the foundational workshops. There are an additional three short courses with three sessions each for a total of 9 sessions. Participants must attend at least 8 of the remaining 9 sessions. In all, participants attend 11-12 workshops to fulfill this requirement.

Short course #1: Self-Awareness

  • Session 1: Leadership 101
  • Session 2: DISC and Behaviors
  • Session 3: Emotional Intelligence

Short course #2: Communication

  • Session 1: Communication Styles
  • Session 2: Handling Conflict and Difficult Conversations
  • Session 3: Leading with Clarity

Short course #3: Influence

  • Team Leadership
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leading Others

Short course #4: Purpose

  • Start with WHY (book provided)
  • Values in Leadership
  • The Authentic Leader
  • Accountability Partners: Each cohort member paired with another cohort member to discuss, on a weekly basis, in between sessions to process and reflect on topics and applications.
  • Career Coaching Session and LinkedIn profile: At least one session scheduled with facilitator of the LLI program and LinkedIn profile created or updated with input from LLI program facilitator.
  • Assessments: Participants complete DISC, EQi and other assessments as required.
  • Leadership Experience: Formal or informal leadership experience chosen by participant; completed within one semester of taking LLI workshops.
  • Reflection Paper- Submitted after the leadership experience; questions provided by LLI facilitator.