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Forms and Reports

The Graduate School generates most forms used throughout a student’s graduate career at NC State. In addition, we provide course action forms and instructions for graduate administrators. Where possible the forms are in both MS Word and PDF format and can be downloaded directly from the website. Other forms are available from Registration and Records.


  • Graduate School Forms Includes Master’s Forms, Doctoral Forms, Forms for Committee Actions and Curricular and Programmatic Actions, and Graduate Faculty Forms. Also includes Extension of Incomplete Grade and Schedule Revision Forms, which are Registration and Records forms, but only the Extension of Incomplete Grade is available from the R&R forms site.
  • Course Action Forms Includes instructions for completing and submitting.
  • New Program Development Forms Includes instructions for completing and submitting.
  • Registration and Records Forms Mostly undergraduate forms, but does include Extension of Incomplete Grade, Name and Marital Status Change, Privacy Block Request, Transcript Request, and others.
  • Graduation Forms Includes Survey of Earned Doctorate (SED) and Doctoral Graduation Attendance Notification (DGAN).
  • Data Request Form This form will be used by Faculty or Staff to submit any data requests for the Graduate School. After submitting the form, they will get a confirmation email.