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Graduate School Mission & Vision


Leadership and innovation in graduate education.


The mission of the Graduate School is to serve as a catalyst for excellence in graduate education at NC State by:

• Promoting the highest-quality education for students and postdoctoral scholars, including outstanding academic experiences, opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research, and professional development that prepares students and postdocs for success in their fields

• Advancing the diversity of graduate education at NC State and of the professoriate nationwide through recruitment, retention, and support of underrepresented minority groups

• Fostering an environment in which graduate faculty can reach their potential as teachers researchers, and mentors to graduate students

• Encouraging research and graduate programs that address the critical issues that challenge our state, our nation, and our world

• Achieving recognition of NC State as a model for leadership and innovation in graduate education in North America.

Strategic Priorities of the Graduate School Aligned with University Goals

  • To enhance the success of graduate students by improving mentoring at NC State (University goal 1)
  • To encourage a diverse university community that welcomes a variety of perspectives though partnerships to diversify graduate education (University goal 4)
  • To invest in Graduate School development activities in order to enhance scholarship and research by improving the competitiveness of NC State for the best qualified doctoral applicants through increasing the number of doctoral fellowships (University goal 2)
  • To enhance the success of graduate students by offering outstanding co-curricular professional development so that graduates are highly competitive in achieving their career goals (University goal 1)
  • To enhance the success of graduate students by developing a web and mobile application designed to provide a “one-stop shop” where students can easily monitor their academic progress as well as their co-curricular professional development activities (University goal 1)
  • To build on and continue to strengthen the relationship between faculty and students and the Graduate School to enhance graduate education at NC State (University goal 4)