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Student Funding

There are many options and support available to departments that wish to support a student while they are in a graduate program at NC State University.

Annual Graduate HR Representative Meetings

These meetings are held every summer and they are intended to help prepare departments and colleges for appointing graduate assistants and fellows. The agenda is filled with reminders, best practices, and updates on everything you need to know to appoint a graduate student. NextGen and GSSP training are not the focus of these meetings, however, separate training can be scheduled with Richard Corley (NextGen) or Dare Cook (GSSP)


Graduate assistantships are unlike any other student employment on campus. They provide graduate students with the opportunity to focus their work on their education, furthering both the student’s degree and the mission of their academic department. There are Teaching, Research, and Service Assistantship options available to best fit your needs. To determine minimum stipend for full coverage of international student financial requirement, use the Certificate of Financial Responsibility Calculator. Contact for questions.

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The NextGen Graduate Appointment System is a completely paperless hiring process that can be customized by departments, colleges and/or non-academic divisions, based on a series of roles. This system allows graduate faculty members, or designated staff, to electronically initiate transactions on behalf of their students. Transactions will then route to the appropriate human resources and funding approvers, as well as, create an electronic Terms and Conditions contract, based off of the information entered into the tool. The electronic Terms and Conditions contract will route to the student and supervisor for electronic signature and will be archived within MyPack Portal for historical reference.

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Graduate fellowships are financial awards that hold no work obligation. You might think of them as being similar to a department sponsored scholarships. A student on a fellowship is only expected to meet a few guidelines, such as full time enrollment, good academic standing and satisfactory progression in their program. Contact for questions.

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Graduate Student Support Plan

The Graduate Student Support Plan is a highly competitive support package used to attract top students to NC State University. Graduate students that meet the requirements below are eligible to receive health insurance and tuition support (for a limited number of semesters). Contact for questions.