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Professional Development Policies

Attendance Policy

Participants who cancel their registration for any Professional Development event (e.g., workshops, seminars, symposia) more than 48 hours before the first session of an event will not be penalized. Registrants who fail to attend an event or who cancel their registration less than 48 hours before the first session of an event will be marked as a “No Show” for the event. Those with two recorded “No Shows” will automatically be dropped from all future Professional Development events for the remainder of the semester in which the two “No Shows” occur.

This policy is in place to encourage students to practice time management and professionalism. The instructors create materials and activities based on attendance, so this information needs to be as accurate as possible in order for participants to get the most out of the session.

For development series, please review the syllabus for the attendance policy specific to your course.

Synchronous Zoom Workshops Policy

Unless otherwise noted, our online workshops and development series are synchronous Zoom meetings. These events are designed to facilitate discussion of the material through interactive exercises, polls, small group discussions, and other activities. When you register for a workshop or series, you are indicating that you are able to participate in a Zoom call at the scheduled date(s)/times(s). Only participants who attend the Zoom session(s) will receive access to workshop materials. Please note that participants are strongly encouraged to have their webcams “on” during online workshops to allow for better engagement and interaction.

If you have a schedule conflict, you should drop the workshop or series using the Graduate School’s registration app to allow participants from the waiting list to enroll.