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Graduate School Diversity Enhancement Grant Program

Diversity is an inclusive collection of individuals and groups who bring varied human characteristics, backgrounds, interests and points of view to enrich the university community. The overarching goal of having a diverse university community is to better educate our students to be active, informed, productive participants in a pluralistic society and interdependent world. The purpose of the UNC Campus Scholarship Program and the Diversity Graduate Assistance Grant programs is to promote diversity at the graduate level at North Carolina State University.

Any questions regarding the Graduate School Diversity Enhancement Grant Program may be directed to either Dr. David Shafer (phone: 919-515-7052, email: or Todd Marcks (phone: 919-515-1481, email:

2022-2023 Graduate School Diversity Enhancement Grant Program


Applicants must be permanent residents or citizens of the United States and must present evidence of achievement and promise as scholars. The student must be admitted to full graduate standing and maintain a 3.0 grade point average.

Recipients may be new or continuing graduate students at NC State and must be registered full-time as defined by NC State Graduate School. Applications from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged. Such underrepresented groups include, but are not limited to, the following: Native Americans, African-Americans, and Hispanic Americans.


Funded by the UNC General Administration, eligibility is limited to new or continuing full-time doctoral students who have financial need and who are residents of North Carolina as of the beginning of the award period (as determined under the Manual to Assist the Public Higher Education Institutions of N.C. in the Matter of Student Resident Classification for Tuition Purposes). Individuals who have been accepted to a master’s degree program in a department offering the doctoral degree and who intend, and will be eligible, to pursue doctoral studies at NC State after completion of the requirements for the master’s degree are also eligible.


Funded by the North Carolina State University Graduate School, recipients must be full-time, new or continuing students pursuing masters and doctoral degrees at North Carolina State University.


Criteria for selection include: academic record, character, creativity, educational and economic background, race and ethnicity, gender, exceptional personal talents, unique work or service experience, and leadership potential. Applicants must add to the goal of increasing diversity in graduate education at North Carolina State University.

Grant awards are based on financial need and require that a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form be filed with the Federal Student Aid Programs Office. Work obligations are not required for recipients of awards in the Graduate School Diversity Enhancement Grant Program.


Stipend amounts are based on financial need up to $3,000 for the academic year. We anticipate that decisions will be made by the beginning of the Fall semester.


No commitment for support beyond the first year is implied for award recipients. Grant applications should be submitted after notification of admissions to a degree program. All recipients are required to make a new application for the coming 2022-23 academic year.


Priority Deadline: April 15, 2022

The Graduate School Diversity Enhancement Grant Program Application can be downloaded here.

The completed application should be emailed to Todd Marcks (