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Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Structure

The GSSP provides tuition and health insurance benefits to eligible graduate students. The GSSP funding structure establishes the funding criteria for GSSP cost. The GA or Fellowship stipend funding source determines the project where the GSSP cost for the student will be charged. 

The GSSP Funding structure tool below is designed to assist departments to readily determine the funding source for GSSP cost depending on where the GA or Fellowship stipend is funded. Please note that the tool provides general guidance on the GSSP funding source; "who pays" for which benefit is determined by the exact project number, class, and ledger, particularly with Ledger 3 and Ledger 4 projects. For example GSSP cost for GA’s funded on certain fund sources such as 350000-399999 can be covered either by Graduate School or by stipend source based on fund class. Please consult Wolf Reports (WRS) and our funding chart for project specific information. It is important that departments refer to the GSSP Funding structure table. 

Funding Structure