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2015 3MT Winners

2015 3MT Winners and Finalists

The inaugural 3 Minute Thesis competition at NC State University was held in October 2015, and engineering students swept the top three awards.

3 Minute Thesis challenges graduate students to share their research in just three minutes. Read on for testimonials and videos of the winners’ and finalists’ presentations to help next year’s winners prepare for their 3 Minute Thesis.

Haritha Malladi, first place

Tahmid Latif, second place

Matt Mellilo, people’s choice

All 10 finalists and their presentation topics were:

Karim El Roz, Water to Fuel. El Roz is a chemistry student; research advisor, Dr. Felix N. Castellano.

Gareth Jones, Youth Development through Sport: A Capacity-Building Approach. Jones is a student in parks, recreation and tourism management; research advisor, Dr. Michael B. Edwards.

Johnsie Lang, Leaching of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) from Landfills. Lang is a civil engineering student; research advisor, Dr. Morton Barlaz.

Tahmid Latif, Remote-Controlled Roach-bots for Search and Rescue after Natural Disasters. Latif is a student in electrical and computer engineering; research advisor, Dr. Alper Bozkurt.

Jing Li, Can Associations Help Entrepreneurial Farmers? Li is a student parks, recreation and tourism management; research advisor, Dr. Carla Barbieri.

Haritha Malladi, Reduce and Recycle: How to Turn Our Black Roads Green. Malladi is a student in civil engineering; research advisor, Dr. Akhtarhusein Tayebali.

Doreen McVeigh, Adrift in the Dark. McVeigh is a student in marine, earth and atmospheric sciences; research advisor, Dr. David Eggleston.

Matthew MelilloSubstrate Deformability Impacts Liquid Spreading. Melillo is a chemical engineering student; research advisor, Dr. Jan Genzer.

Sonika Rawal, Rx Vitamin G: What Dose of GREEN Do We Actually Need? Rawal is a design student; research advisor, Dr. Celen Pasalar.

Rahnuma Shahrin, Measuring Microscale Strength of Cement: Why? How? Shahrin is a civil engineering student; research advisor, Dr. Christopher Bobko.