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Postdoc Alums

Reporting postdoc career outcomes and staying connected with the NC State postdoc community

Resources for Exiting Postdocs & Alums

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This helps us better understand the careers our postdocs transition into so we can better serve our current postdocs.

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Build your professional network. Learn about how other NC State postdocs navigated their job hunt and ended up in a variety of careers.

Talking to others who have been in your shoes is the best way to learn how to make the transition out of your postdoc.

Postdoc Career Outcomes

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is committed to sharing our postdoc career outcome data.

The graph below represents the percentage of postdocs working in various career fields immediately upon leaving NC State University.

This data is self-reported from an optional survey sent to all exiting postdocs. Data reflects 135 responses collected March 2017 – July 2019.

Pie chart of Postdoc career outcomes

2020 Exiting Postdocs Outcome Data

As in 2019, we have worked to track postdoc career outcomes via a more targeted approach (internet and LinkedIn searches). Of our 142 exiting postdocs in 2020, we obtained career outcomes for 90 (~63%). Their data can be seen below.

2019 Exiting Postdocs Outcome Data

While still conducting our optional postdoc exit survey, we have started working to track postdoc career outcomes via a more targeted approach (internet and LinkedIn searches). Of our 156 exiting postdocs in 2019, we obtained career outcomes for 87 (~56%). Their data can be seen below.

2019 Postdoc Career Outcomes Pie Chart

Presented Data

2019 Graduate Career Consortium

Career outcomes for postdoctoral scholars at North Carolina State University: The importance of professional development program participation

Resources for Postdoc Alumni

Still in the Research Triangle area?

NCBiotech offers wonderful networking opportunities for those interested in careers in the life sciences.

Their Jobs Network, which meets monthly, has structured networking opportunities.