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Teaching and Communication Certificate

The Teaching and Communication Certificate has been designed to increase accessibility, flexibility, and transferability of teaching and communication training for all graduate students and postdocs at NC State. Based on feedback from hiring managers both inside and outside of academia, we have redesigned our offerings to emphasize the diverse audiences that advanced degree holders will face in the workplace, from undergraduate students, to industry partners, to government agencies, to the general public. Teaching, in this context, means communicating complex ideas clearly and persuasively, tailoring your message to meet the needs of your audience.

The standard requirements for the Teaching and Communication Certificate are 100 hours of approved activities plus a professional development portfolio. We have established partnerships with some programs in order to meet the specific needs of their students; check the requirements.

Visit our testimonials page to hear from graduate students and postdocs who have participated in our teaching and communication programming. If you’re ready to get started, take a look at our FAQs and sign up during our Fall 2022 registration period (Aug. 15 – Sept. 1).