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ABGS Composition

A full description of the Administrative Board of the Graduate School (ABGS) composition, can be found in the Graduate School Handbook (1.7 B).

Voting & Non-Voting Members

UnitMembershipTerm LengthVoting Member
Agriculture & Life SciencesElected3 yearsYes
Agriculture & Life SciencesAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
EducationElected3 yearsYes
EducationAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
DesignElected3 yearsYes
DesignAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
Humanities & Social SciencesElected3 yearsYes
Humanities & Social SciencesAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
ManagementElected3 yearsYes
ManagementAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
Natural ResourcesElected3 yearsYes
Natural ResourcesAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
SciencesElected3 yearsYes
SciencesAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
TextilesElected3 yearsYes
TextilesAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
Veterinary MedicineElected3 yearsYes
Veterinary MedicineAppointed by College DeanIndefiniteYes
Interdisciplinary ProgramsAppointed by The Graduate SchoolIndefiniteYes
Faculty SenateAppointed by Faculty Senate1 yearYes
Graduate Student AssociationAppointed by GSA President1 yearYes
DELTAAppointed by DELTAIndefiniteNo
SACSCOC LiasonAppointed by Provost’s OfficeIndefiniteNo
Registration & RecordsAppointed by RegistrarIndefiniteNo

Total: 26

Voting: 23

Quorum: 12 (23 voting members/2 +1)

The Graduate School Representatives

The following members will attend meetings as representatives of The Graduate School:

  • Dean
  • Associate Dean
  • Assistant Dean for Student Administration and Academic Affairs
  • Coordinator of Courses & Curricula