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NextGen Graduate Appointment System

The NextGen Graduate Appointment System is a completely paperless hiring process that can be customized by departments, colleges and/or non-academic divisions, based on a series of roles. This system allows graduate faculty members, or designated staff, to electronically initiate transactions on behalf of their students. Transactions then route to the appropriate human resources and funding approvers, as well as, create an electronic Terms and Conditions contract, based off of the information entered into the tool. The electronic Terms and Conditions contract will route to the student and supervisor for electronic signature and will be archived within MyPack Portal for historical reference.

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Security Roles

The NextGen Graduate Appointments System is based off of a series of roles, which are described below. Departments, colleges and non-academic divisions may request these roles for individuals through a Security Access Request (SAR). The department/college can choose who will approve for each role. You can have as few as two approvers on any action. The only two roles that can not be approved by the same person are department HR roles (Initiator/Department HR) and Final HR.

Below is how roles appear in the SAR system.

  • NextGen Grad College Funding
  • NextGen Grad Dean Access
  • NextGen Grad Dept Funding
  • NextGen Grad Final HR Approver
  • NextGen Grad HR Dept Rep
  • NextGen Grad Initiator Access

NextGen Tools

New Graduate Appointment

The New Graduate Appointment tool is designed to hire a student. This tool allows for faculty to request a hire as an Initiator, and then have their request approved by a Department HR and Financial approvers. Alternatively, the Department HR and Initiator can be the same person.

Rehire Graduate

The rehire graduate tool allows for a department to rapidly rehire a student back into a job they have already had. This tool skips the initiator role and will automatically fill in most of the job details for the department approver to speed up the hiring processes. This tool is completely optional to use. A new graduate appointment action can be entered in lieu of a rapid rehire.

Modify Graduate

The modify graduate tool allows you to make any job detail changes on an appointment that you may need. The only thing it is not able to change is distribution. We recommend that a note about a distribution change be made in the comments section of the modification action for reference. Once the modification action is approved, the department can enter a salary redistribution in Distribution Setup. If you are unfamiliar with this, please consult with the department/college financial personnel.

Separate Graduate

The separate graduate tool can be used when needing to separate (or terminate) a student’s appointment early. This tool has the shortest workflow which only includes the Initiator, Department HR and Final HR. The funding approvers and student will be notified once the action is approved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If someone is telling you that they are not getting an email, it is likely that one of the following may be true:

Emails are going to spam or being filtered to another folder other than their inbox. Please have them search their emails by ID number. If no email comes up at this time then it may be that their emails are disabled in Portal.

The approver has their emails “disabled” In Portal. To fix this, ask them to go to Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Email Preferences and make sure emails are not disabled.

In the meantime, supervisors also have access to the Grad Worklist. Please direct them to Main Menu > Human Resource System > NextGen Graduate System > Graduate Worklist. Then ask them to select “Search” for a list of all actions they have access to. When they select the action ID from the Worklist, they will be taken to the Supervisor – Sign T&C page.

If a student currently has a job that has not yet Auto-Termed in Job Data then NextGen will add up the FTE (full-time equivalent) of the job that they are in with the new job you are adding as it will look to the HR system that this is an Additional Job. You are most likely to see this around August when enter Fall appointments while summer jobs are still active.

NextGen can not assume that a current job is ending until there is an actual end date. An expected job end date does not count, there must be an actual separation row in Job Data. The expected job end date will tell the Auto-Term Job, that runs every Wednesday night, that the job will be separating soon and that the system can automatically enter a separation for you. (Please see the Composite Calendar found on the Graduate Appointment Supplemental page for more information on Auto-Term dates.) This has always been happening in SEP, though you may not have noticed it before.

There are a few options to prevent the FTE from adding up.

If the student is currently on an Assistantship that you are planning to continue through the Fall, then you can do a modification to the current appointment to update the dates and salary so that the position continue through the fall.
The department can wait for the current position to Auto-Term (which first occurs three Wednesdays before the planned end date, e.g. job is expected to end on 8/16/15, job will Auto-Term on 7/29/15).
The department can create a future separation for the current job rather than wait for the Auto-Term. If you chose this, use caution!!!! Once a job is termed, you can not make any modifications to the job. This is why the Auto-Term does not run more than three weeks in advanced.

An action can only be canceled at the Initiator or Department HR level. An action can always be pushed back (see FAQ 3) if the action is beyond those approvals. Once the action is at Initiator or Department HR level, then you can go to the Graduate Wroklist, scroll to the right hand side of the screen and select the trashcan image between the “in progress” and “details” column. You will then be asked to confirm that you want the action to end, select yes. The action will be removed from your “in progress” list to your “canceled” list.

An action can be pushed back at an level by entering a comment as to why you are pushing an action back and selecting the “pushback” button on bottom of the screen. If an action is waiting on a Supervisor or Student to sign T&C and you need the action pushed back, please contact Siarra Dickey in the Graduate School.

If you are showing a pending action, first go to your worklist and either do a no criteria search (hitting search with criteria selected except for actions in progress), or search by the specific student ID. This will show you if there are any actions at the initiator level that have not yet been assigned an OUC. If you find your action, you can either select it and complete the action or cancel the action using the trashcan.

If you have a first year international student who only has an international address, please use a department address until the student arrives. Once the student arrives, direct them to update their address in MyPack Portal.

A student has full access to all of their signed T&Cs that have been processed through NextGen, for as long as they are a student. To view their signed T&C, they can go to Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View T&C Documents. They would see a entry for each T&C that was signed through NextGen. They can open to view the T&C and even print it they require a hard copy.  For Social Security Number purposes, students will still need to take a printed approved letter and obtain ink signatures before visiting the Social Security Office.

Below is the general link text. You will need to make sure the “TRANSACTION ID:AGXXXXXXXX” at the end matches your action ID. So if the action ID is AG00000111, then replace “AGXXXXXXXX” with “AG00000111” in the link.

New Hire