Graduate Student Support Plan for Administrators

Graduate Student Support Plan Overview (pdf) – Summary of Graduate Student Support Plan, eligibility, and funding structure.

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Chart (pdf) – Graduate Student Support Plan benefits funding structure (within allowed semesters). The student’s stipend source (project number/type of funds) determines “who pays” for GSSP benefits.

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Calculator (application) – Input student’s stipend source (project number) to determine “who pays” for GSSP benefits. This calculator simply outputs results using the GSSP Funding Charts linked above.

*Please note that, if a student’s stipend source is split (salary or stipend distributed across more than one funding source/project), so too will “who pays” for GSSP benefits. In other words, GSSP benefits are distributed according to the salary or stipend distribution.

Graduate Student Support Plan — Benefit Rates (pdf)

For semester GSSP-related insurance and tuition journal information, please contact the GSSP Office (

Requests for Additional Semesters of GSSP Tuition Eligibility
Requests from graduate programs (Director of Graduate Programs or Academic Adviser) to provide additional semesters of Graduate Student Support Plan tuition eligibility should be emailed to Caroline Ortiz-Deaton ( or the general GSSP inbox ( Requests should include detailed justification for extension. It is also advised that the student have a completed and approved Graduate Plan of Work.

Guides & Instructions

Graduate Support System (MyPack Portal) Guide (pdf) – Reading the Graduate Support area of MyPack Portal to determine GSSP eligibility and funding.

Request to Waive Academic Load Policy (pdf) – Instructions for requesting a waiver of the academic course load policy on behalf of a graduate student.

Manage Service Indicators in SIS (pdf) – Instructions for adding and releasing the “Do Not Cancel” indicator on student accounts in order to convey to the Cashier’s Office semester costs being covered on the student’s behalf. Please note that the GSSP service indicator (reason codes: “GSSA” or “GSSP”) for tuition should not be used unless the student is actually eligible for tuition support through the GSSP in the selected semester.

GSSP Handbook (For Students)
GSSP Eligibility Summary (For Students)

Useful Queries

GSSP_MTHLY_INSURANCE (SIS Reporting) – Returns monthly NCSU RA-TA coverage lists by program.
GSSP_INS_SUMMERPREPAYS (SIS Reporting) – Returns students eligible for summer NCSU RA-TA health insurance coverage prepay.