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Graduate Student Support Plan for Administrators

GSSP Minimum Stipend Increasing for Fall 2024

The Graduate Student Support Plan is a mission-critical program established in 1997 to attract top graduate students to NC State. The eligibility criteria have remained unchanged since the program’s inception. In FY 2023, the Graduate School and the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost conducted an assessment of the program and its eligibility requirements. Based on that review and to accommodate inflationary increases, stipend guidelines were updated over two academic years. These important changes are detailed below:

  • Effective Fall 2023, the minimum stipend for Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) eligibility was increased. Specifically, all Graduate Assistantship and Fellowship minimum stipends increased to an annualized amount of $10,000 for Master’s students and $15,000 for Doctoral students to receive GSSP benefits. These minimum stipends were applicable to Graduate Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, combination Teaching and Research Assistant, and Extension Assistant appointments. Graduate Services Assistants continue to be ineligible for GSSP benefits and are not impacted by the change in minimum stipends. The GSSP benefits and eligibility criteria related to full-time enrollment and on-campus programs will remain unchanged. 
  • Effective Fall 2024, the minimum stipends for GSSP eligibility will increase to $15,000 for Master’s students and $20,000 for Doctoral students.

The following table provides a breakdown of the GSSP minimum stipend by semester and academic year:

GA TermStart DateEnd Date# of Pay PeriodsMaster’s – GSSP
Minimum Stipend
Doctoral – GSSP
Minimum Stipend
Fall 20248/16/202412/31/20249.8$5,654*$7,538*
Spring 20251/1/20255/15/20259.7$5,596*$7,462*
Academic Year 2024
(9 Months)
The GA Stipend calculator is a tool to help departments determine the stipend amount to enter in the NextGen system based on the appointment start and end dates for the desired payment amount. A second calculator on the website provides an option to determine the actual payment to student based on the annualized stipend and start and end dates.   
The Graduate School has developed a GSSP Funding Structure tool to assist departments to readily determine the funding source for GSSP cost depending on where the GA or Fellowship stipend is funded.
*This the approximate rate that is actually paid based on the duration of the appointment; Stipend must be entered as annualized stipend in the NextGen system.

Funding for GSSP Costs

 The GA or Fellowship stipend funding source (project number/type of funds) determines “who pays” for GSSP benefits. The GSSP funding structure establishes the funding criteria for these costs. The Graduate School has developed a GSSP Funding Structure tool as general guidance to assist departments to readily determine who will pay for the GSSP benefits.

*Please note that, if a student’s stipend source is split (salary or stipend distributed across more than one funding source/project), so too will “who pays” for GSSP benefits. In other words, GSSP benefits are distributed according to the salary or stipend distribution.

Graduate Student Health Insurance Benefit Rates

The following table provides current year and recent RA-TA health insurance benefit rates:

Academic YearMonthly
Fall Rate
(5 months)
Spring Rate
(7 months)*
* Please note that Spring semester charge covers insurance coverage from January 1 to July 30.
For previous years refer to RA-TA Health Insurance Benefit Rate History

Learn about Summer health insurance for new graduate students.

For semester GSSP-related insurance and tuition journal information, please contact the GSSP Office (

GSSP Exception Requests

Departmental DGP’s can work in coordination with the student’s major advisor to submit exception requests with compelling justification for students who are deemed ineligible for GSSP benefits. Program Graduate Services Coordinators can also submit these requests for evaluation on the Director of Graduate Program’s behalf.

GSSP Exception Request Form

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Request to Waive Academic Load Policy (pdf) – Instructions for requesting a waiver of the academic course load policy on behalf of a graduate student.

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