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Graduate Student Support Plan

Graduate Student Support Plan for Administrators

Graduate Student Support Plan Overview (pdf coming soon) – Summary of Graduate Student Support Plan, eligibility, and funding structure.

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Chart (pdf) – Graduate Student Support Plan benefits funding structure (within allowed semesters). The student’s stipend source (project number/type of funds) determines “who pays” for GSSP benefits.

*Please note that, if a student’s stipend source is split (salary or stipend distributed across more than one funding source/project), so too will “who pays” for GSSP benefits. In other words, GSSP benefits are distributed according to the salary or stipend distribution.

Graduate Student Support Plan — Benefit Rates (pdf)

For semester GSSP-related insurance and tuition journal information, please contact the GSSP Office (

GSSP Exception Requests

Please complete the GSSP Exception Request Form to submit a request for Graduate School evaluation. 

**Requests should only be submitted by Directors of Graduate Programs (DGPs) in coordination with the student’s major advisor. Program Graduate Services Coordinators can also submit these requests for evaluation on the Director of Graduate Program’s behalf.

Guides & Instructions

Grad Support Roster Instructions

GSSP Academic Year Timeline (pdf) – Schedule of processes related to administering the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP).

Request to Waive Academic Load Policy (pdf) – Instructions for requesting a waiver of the academic course load policy on behalf of a graduate student.

GSSP Eligibility Summary (For Students)