Graduate Program Development and Revisions

Academic Program Planning and Prioritization Process

Approval to plan a new academic program must be obtained from the Provost. This process must be completed prior to submitting a new academic program for on-campus and system level approval.

New Academic Programs Procedure for On-Campus and System Level Approval

The development of new Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral or First Professional degree programs requires the completion of UNC Regulation 400.1.1[R]  Request to Plan and Request to Establish. Please use this Budget Template when a budget is required. Click on the degree program level for further instructions and the necessary forms.

The development of degree-related Distance Education programs requires the completion of UNC Regulation 400.1.1[R] Request to Plan and Request to Establish. To establish a new delivery mode (distance education or new site) for an existing degree program, a Request to Deliver is required.

The On-Campus Routing Form is required for all Graduate Degree Actions for New Degree Programs or Certificates, Change in Degree Program or Certificate Program Title, or Discontinuation of Existing Degree Programs.

A Signature Page is also required for all degree program changes (including minors and certificates).

These flow charts illustrate the process and timeline for UNC System review and approval of program actions.

Planning New Curricula

Master’s Degree Program (including Professional Science Master’s)
Doctoral or First Professional Degree Program
Distance Education Programs: NC State General Procedures
Master’s Distance Education Program
Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s Program
Graduate Certificate Programs
Minor Programs

Course Processing using CIM
Graduate Course Syllabus Checklist
Learning Outcomes Guidelines

Degree Name Changes or Discontinuation

Changing Name or Degree Title
Discontinuing an Existing Program

Required On-Campus Forms

On-Campus Routing Form
Required for all Graduate Degree and Certificate program actions, including creation of new programs, change in title, or discontinuation of existing program

NC State Signature Page
Required for all Graduate Degree and Certificate program actions.

Other Program Actions

Creating New Concentrations within an Existing Program
Procedures for Changing Non-Thesis Graduate Degree Program Requirements to Option B
Procedure for Changing Existing Curriculum

Procedure for Professional Science Master’s affiliation

Procedure for Establishing a Dual Degree- external
North Carolina State University works collaboratively with both international and domestic institutions of higher education to provide opportunities for students to pursue dual degree programs. Students complete the requirements for two degrees from two institutions. Each institution is responsible for and will award its own degree. Contact Melissa Nosbisch at the Graduate School to discuss the development of a dual degree and for assistance with the required forms: On Campus Routing Form for Dual Degrees, and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

Other Links of Interest

University of North Carolina System Academic Planning

Please contact Melissa Nosbisch, Coordinator of the Administrative Board, with any questions about program development.