Doctoral Required Forms

All required forms are due by the Apply to Graduate Deadline.

List of Required Forms:

  1. Survey of Earned Doctorate (SED) (PhD only. EdD does not complete the SED)
    The SED is completed online using this link. The system will automatically email the ETD Reviewer when the SED has been completed and the ETD Reviewer will mark the respective check box in the ETD System Dashboard when the required Certificate of Completion is received. Please note that the commencement date is one of three Choices: 05/YEAR, 08/YEAR or 12/YEAR. For your information: Purpose and Use Brochure and Confidentiality Brochure. Online SED: Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED).
  2. Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Forms  (Both PhD and EdD)
    NOTE: IF YOU ARE A FALL 2018 GRADUATE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT THESE FORMS. We have changed the way we are handling this process; you now complete the publishing agreement when you make your first ETD submission. IF YOU ARE A SUMMER GRADUATE: Complete the two required pages (4&5) at the link provided.  The form must be typed & requires a handwritten signature and date the first page. Both pages should be scanned and emailed to the ETD Reviewer ( The university will not keep a copy, so please retain a copy for your records.Dissertation Agreement Form and Publishing Options. Optional items require a check made payable to NC State University and are to be sent (ETD Reviewer at NCSU CB# 7102, Raleigh, NC 27695-7102) or brought to the ETD Reviewer. Your check will be immediately processed and NC State will then pay ProQuest on your behalf. You are not required to copyright your dissertation through ProQuest. The Traditional Publishing option fee is the same as your microfilm fee, so you are not required to send extra money for this option. If you choose Open Access Publishing, the fee amount listed on the form is $120. However, the microfilm fee is included in that amount, so your check should be for $95.To help you answer the questions on the Required and Optional forms, use the following guides:Guide 1: Preparing your Manuscript for Submission
    Provides guidance on how to embed fonts, including supplemental files, and other issues important to preparing your manuscript for submission.
    Guide 2: Subject Categories
    A complete list of the available UMI subject categories.
    Guide 3: Open Access Compared to Traditional Publishing
    More information on the publishing options available to you, and why you might choose one over the other.
    Guide 4: Embargos & Restrictions
    Guide 5: Copyright Guide
    Guide 6: Sample Permission Letter
  3. Doctoral Graduation Attendance Notification (DGAN) (Both PhD and EdD)
    To complete the Doctoral Graduation Attendance Notification, you must have first applied to graduate for the semester. The DGAN officially notifies the Graduate School if you will attend the University Commencement Ceremony at the PNC Arena. The DGAN has two parts. The first requires you to enter some information about yourself, your desire to attend the ceremony, and your faculty sponsor’s name. It also requires you to phonetically spell your name. The DGAN’s second part requires you to record the correct pronunciation of your name, so that the ceremony speaker can announce your name properly. You should record your name exactly as you want it to be announced at the ceremony. After you record your name, the file will display on the website; you must wait until the system loads your file and confirms that the process is complete. If you do not, your voice recording will not be saved, and you will be asked to re-submit the entire DGAN. To complete the Doctoral Graduation Attendance Notification, you can access it directly via Follow the directions as provided to submit your notification.  A confirmation screen will show when the process is complete.
  4. Apply to Graduate
    Each student must Apply to Graduate in MyPack Portal for the term in which they plan to graduate.  Students should apply to graduate prior to submitting their ETD for review and no later than the Apply to Graduate Deadline. If a student has a minor, they must also apply to graduate for the minor.To Apply to Graduate:Log into MyPack Portal.
    Select Student Homepage.
    Select Planning & Enrollment tile.
    Select Apply to Graduate.Follow the directions provided to submit the Application to Graduate.