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Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Since 2015, the Graduate School has sponsored the annual Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award so that graduate students and graduate alumni can recognize the faculty who have mentored them through their education. Nominations are accepted each fall, and awards are given in the spring.

The award is designed to honor those outstanding mentors who are clearly devoted to helping their graduate students flourish and assisting them to create a pathway to successful careers. In addition to providing discipline-specific guidance related to research, teaching, coursework and other curricular requirements and ensuring transparency of the graduate educational process, outstanding mentors provide their mentees with other types of significant support.

Each year, at least two awards will be given in two of four categories. The categories are as follows: Category I – Social Sciences, Business and Education; Category II – Biological and Life Sciences; Category III – Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering; and Category IV – Humanities and Design. Awards in categories I and II will be awarded in odd years and those in III and IV will be awarded in even years.

Meet our past winners:

2015 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentors

2016 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentors

2017 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentors

2018 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentors

2019 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentors:
Thomas Shriver and Marcelo Ardón

2020 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentors:
Munindar Singh and Victoria Gallagher