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Title Page

Title Page formatting and spacing must exactly match that of the Title Page sample (PDF). For an annotated version of the title page example, click here (PDF).

  • If it is long enough, the title should fill the entire first line, before assuming an inverted pyramid format: after the title’s first line, each line should be centered and shorter than the line above it, so that the title resembles an upside-down pyramid shape. If the title has multiple lines, these lines should be single-spaced.
  • Capitalize the first letter of all important words in your title.
  • Your degree should read “Master of…” or “Doctor of…” rather than “Master’s of…” or “Doctorate in…”.
  • The year listed should be the year in which you will graduate.

Signature Lines

On the left-hand side of your ETD system page, you will see the official names and titles of your committee members. This information must appear on your title page in exactly the same form, for record-keeping purposes. See below some specific guidelines:

  • Titles
    • Indicate your chair with “Chair of Advisory Committee” or “Committee Chair”  below their signature line and name. If you have co-chairs, include “Co-Chair of Advisory Committee” or “Committee Co-Chair” below the names of both co-chairs.
    • If you have an External Committee Member, include “External Member” below their name.
    • Do not include signature lines or names of Graduate School Representatives or Technical Consultants.
  • Alignment
    • All names and titles should be either centered or left-aligned under their associated signature lines. Whatever alignment you choose, be sure to be consistent. The group of signature lines, as a whole, should be centered on the page.
  • Signatures
    • Do not include actual signatures from your committee. Approval is now entered electronically, via MyPack portal.