Title Page

Title Page formatting and spacing must exactly match that of the Title Page sample (PDF). For an annotated version of the title page example, click here (PDF).
  • If it is long enough, the title should fill the entire first line, before assuming an inverted pyramid format: after the title’s first line, each line should be centered and shorter than the line above it, so that the title resembles an upside-down pyramid shape. If the title has multiple lines, these lines should be single-spaced.
  • Capitalize the first letter of all important words in your title.
  • Your degree should read “Master of…” or “Doctor of…” rather than “Master’s of…”
  • The year listed should be the year in which you will graduate.

Signature Lines

  • Indicate your chair with “Chair of Advisory Committee”  below their signature line and name. If you have co-chairs, include “Co-Chair of Advisory Committee” below the names of both co-chairs.
  • If you have an External Committee Member, include “External Member” below their name.
  • Do not include signature lines or names of Graduate School Representatives or Technical Consultants.