Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes information about the following topics:

  • Including Your Previously Published Work
  • Embargo Requests
  • Printing Your ETD

Including Your Previously Published Work

If you want to include a chapter that has already been published elsewhere, you should do one of the following:

  • Copy the text into your document and format it in accordance with the ETD guidelines, as you would the rest of your document.
  • Insert the pdf of your published document.
    • You may have to insert each pdf page individually.
    • Each page must fit within the required 1 inch margin lines.
    • Even though the page numbers on the image of your published article will be different, your thesis’ page numbers should continue their consecutive count throughout this chapter.

On the chapter title page, your header should match the formatting and location of other chapter title pages, but this title page should also include full reference information about the original publication source.

Tables and Figures: It is likely that the tables and figures in your published article will be numbered sequentially from “1” (1,2,3, etc.). If this is the case, the easiest way to maintain a consistent numbering system is to follow this logic for each chapter — simply start numbering at 1 — and include headers in your List of Tables and List of Figures to separate each chapter. See a visual example here (PDF).

Embargo Requests

If you would like to postpone the release of your ETD, you should submit an embargo request via the ETD system. MFAs are automatically granted an indefinite embargo. The option to make a request will appear at the bottom of the ETD page, after you have made your initial ETD submission. You must make this request before making your Final Error-Free Submission. You should request an embargo for the following reasons:

  • Patent: An ETD containing disclosures of patented information may be embargoed for a maximum of one year after final committee approval.
  • Publication: If some material in your ETD has been published or is under review for publication, the journal or other place of publication may have a policy that restricts release of that material.

Embargo requests must include the following justification:

  • A written request that provides adequate context for the request and a clear rationale that explains why the embargo is necessary.
  • A screenshot of or link to the actual policy that proves the need for this request.

If an embargo is approved, the ETD will not appear on the web or in any search until the day
the embargo ends. The embargo date will be either three months or one year from
final committee approval.

Early Embargo Release
If you successfully embargo your ETD and want to release it prior to the expiration date, you must email the request to the ETD Reviewer (

Embargo Extension
Embargo extensions are not common. If an embargo extension is needed, you must
email the ETD Reviewer a minimum of two weeks prior to the ETD being released from the
embargo. The extension request email must state:

  • The reason the embargo needs to be extended.
  • The new proposed embargo date.

The Dean of the Graduate School will review the information with the committee chair to make a decision.

Printing Your ETD

We do not provide or store printed copies of your dissertation. However, you may purchase printed copies of your work at the following locations: