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Work Flow Questions

ETD Workflow

List of Editors for Hire

The List of Editors for Hire is a list of faculty, staff, graduate students, and professionals who have expressed interest in proofreading for a fee. The Graduate School does NOT supervise, manage, recommend, or approve these services; we simply provide this list as a courtesy. All arrangements are made between the student and the hired editor. Please remember that it is your responsibility to abide by the student code of conduct at all times. Be sure to inquire about their rates when you contact them.

ETD Reviewer Contact Information
(919) 515-4497

Microsoft Word Questions

How do I create a PDF file using Microsoft Word?
(there are many ways to create a PDF file, we are simply suggesting ONE method).

  1. In the Word toolbar, go to File and choose Print
  2. Select the “Adobe PDF” printer in your drop-down printer list (remember, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed for this to work)
  3. Select a file name and location where you want to save your file, then click the save button.

In Microsoft Word, how do I align the page numbers and connecting periods to end in the required straight line if I manually created my Table of Contents?
*Note, each student’s file will have different tab settings depending on the various levels outlined in the Style Guide used. The numbers shown in the example below may not work for all students. This is just an example to demonstrate how to format the tabs. Remember- The Table of Contents, List of Tables and List of Figures page number listings are to be aligned just to the left of the right 1″ margin.

  1. Delete any current manual connecting periods that are currently in the Table of Contents.
  2. Highlight the entire Table of Contents that you wish to format.
  3. With the Table of Contents highlighted, right click and select “paragraph”
  4. Select “Tabs” in the paragraph box.
  5. Set the correct “Tab Stop Position”
    Set the “Alignment” to Right
    Select the “2 …….” leader for the required connecting periods.
    Click “Set”
    Click “OK”
  6. Now, when you use your tab key it will now right-align your page numbers with the connecting periods. Remember you may need to reset your tab for use in other parts of your document.


Adobe Acrobat Questions

How do I combine multiple PDF files?
(there are many ways to combine PDF files, we are simply suggesting ONE method)

  1. Open one of your PDF files in Adobe Acrobat (Note – this will not work with Adobe Reader)
  2. In the Adobe Acrobat toolbar, go to Document and choose Insert Pages
  3. Select the file you want to insert, then determine where you want to insert the file
  4. Repeat the steps to insert as many files as needed
  5. Once you have inserted all files, make sure to do a “save as” and name your file either “draft.pdf” (if this is your draft file for review) or “etd.pdf” (if this is your final submission)