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The abstract should be the first page of your ETD. Its formatting and elements should exactly match the sample abstract page (PDF).

Some general guidelines to follow:

  • Your name should be ALL CAPS and appear with your LAST NAME first.
  • Here, on the copyright page, and on the title page, your name should match the full name that appears on record, in your Graduate Plan of Work (located in the MyPack portal).
  • Here and on the title page, capitalize the first letter of every important word in your title.
  • After the title, your “Under the Direction of…” line should be in parentheses and include the name of your Committee Chair. If you have co-chairs, include both of their names.
    • For example: (Under the Direction of Drs. Solange Knowles and Kathleen Hanna).
    • If you include a title, it should be “Dr.” — do not include degrees at the end of names, such as “PhD.”
  • Abstract text should not exceed 600 words.