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Catalog Pages & Editing Access

The link to the NCSU Graduate Catalog is: Follow the navigation links by college to find your program. DGPs and other program staff members have access to editing the “Program Pages“.

Pages need to be edited in the “next” environment of their catalog pages.

If you do not have access to the ownership role of your program’s page, you will see the following message next to the editing toolbar:

To get access to your program’s page, email and include the link you need access to.

All catalog pages are created once the program / plan / subplan(s) have been approved through their respective workflows. If they have completed routing, and they are still missing, please contact

Program Page Editing

CIM Courses

Course Numbers

If a course has been dropped and the course number is still “in use” it means that the course record needs to be archived. Please contact to archive the course.

CIM Programs


A program is a subject category that envelops plans/subplans into a group.

A plan is a specific, degree/certificate/minor types within the program.

These terms have often been used interchangeably, however, The Graduate School uses the terms as the academic structure is coded in Student Information Systems (SIS). You can find the terminology and definitions for academic structure here:

A concentration is an official subplan that is utilized to determine different subject/focus areas/specializations within a plan. These subplan types are printed on transcripts and are coded with specialized curricula in the Graduate Degree Audit.

An option (often referred to as a “track“) is an unofficial subplan that is utilized to track a group of students within a plan in order to assist them through a specified curriculum to complete plan requirements. These subplan types are not printed on transcripts and are not offered for certificates or minors.

A distance education track is an unofficial subplan that separates matriculated students in a category based on online delivery.

Request Types

The Graduate School is currently moving away from the approval of focus area or specialization tracks, therefore, these are not requested through CIM Programs. If your program is considering implementing focus areas or specializations to an existing plan, please contact

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